Hey everyone, I am doing my internship at Club GLOBALS.

My name is Peter and I´m from Cologne, Germany. A few month ago I decided to come to Berlin to support a theater group. As an assistant director, I had a very good time with these people.

Peter Schmeink Club Globals

Peter Schmeink (23), Globals TV intern.

I met Mario at a Globals Event and after we were talking about my skills as a supporter of creative processes, we decided to work together. To make international life easier is an interesting topic for me. As an expat, I would have highly appreciated easy solutions during my time in Australia in 2009.

My biggest wish has always been to work in a field where I can be creative and provide solutions for anybody. I am really looking forward to this challenge! 🙂

 “You can dream about it, or you go out and make it happen!”

The main part of this internship will be my work for “Globals TV”. So check out our YouTube Channel if you´d like to catch more from “Behind the Scenes” or see some original strategies to make international life easier! Maybe I´ll interview you on the next Globals event!

Until then I wish you all the best,


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