GLOBALS new HQ at WeWork Sony Center


We’re moving!

We’re moving! We left our building in the Friedrichstraβe and exchanged it for the Sony Center! Our company is ready to grow, so we need a bigger office! The Friedrichstraβe became too small for Club GLOBALS. So we moved to a beautiful and inspiring new office in the Sony Center. Ready to grow!

The Sony Center

The Sony Center is a center that opened, in 2000. But the building has a long history. Since the 1920’s is Potsdamerplatz one of the most important business districts in Berlin. There were a lot of companies established. In the time off the wall, it was still a business place but it was divided into two parts. But it was still a business place where a lot of companies came together. Nowadays it is a modern center what is built of glass. It creates transpiration through companies and makes co-working easier. There are also a lot of restaurants and bars, stores, film, and entertainment. So if you need some distraction from all the hard work, the Sony Center offers you a lot.

Club GLOBALS at The Sony Center

The office

The office where we were moving to is on the 9th floor. The building has a great view over Berlin. It gives the inspiration to create more new ideas. Our office is a part of the WeWork location. The offices are close to each other and there a lot of community rooms. It makes it possible to easy cooperate with other companies and networking. Every floor has his own Unique Common Area. It creates the impression of a living room. So people can easily connect and network with each other.

Club GLOBALS office with a view


WeWork is an organization that creates business locations worldwide. They offer offices in the US, Asia, South America, Europe and the Middle East. They don’t want to create, just a nice and shared office, but want to build a community. They want to bring people together, so they can work together. That they can share experiences and take new ventures. In the WeWork App, people can share information or can ask for services that they need from other companies. The App is worldwide so you can connect with every company, everywhere.

Club GLOBALS Unique Common Area

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