Once you arrive in Berlin one of the first things to tackle is finding your way around the city. And the best way to do is using the Public Transport.

Berlin public transport consists of several integrated networks including, U-Bahn,  S-Bahn, tramway system, a bus network as well as ferry services which not only cover the city but go app. One tip we highly recommend is planning your route online. This is easily done on the BVG website and can save you a lot of time. You can also download the app and plan your route during your travels!

Read on for some more useful info.

1. Berlin is split into three zones

Zone A is the central part (inside the Ringbahn), Zone B is other parts out of the Ringbahn and Zone C is Greater Berlin.

2. U-Bahn

Underground railway system, called by the U-Bahn.  Trains run every two to five minutes during peak hours, every five minutes for the rest of the day and every ten minutes in the evening and on Sundays.

3. S-Bahn

The S-Bahn is a mix of rapid transit and commuter rail operation systems. The majority of the system is at the ground level, with some elevated portions or tunnels. There are 3 core lines: a central east-west line (Stadtbahn), a central north-south line (Nord-Süd-Tunnel) and a circular line (Ringbahn).

4. Regional trains

Berlin has two types of regional trains, the Regionalbahn (RB) that stops at every station and the faster Regional-Express (RE). They often continue outside the Berlin-Brandenburg suburban area. The RE also goes to Schönefeld Airport in Zone C.

5. Trams

Trams network of Berlin operates 24/7 and comprises 22 tramlines. The MetroTram is a frequent service in the areas not so well served by the U-Bahn and S-Bahn.

6. Buses

This famous public transport has a network of 149 daytime bus routes, of which 17 are part of MetroNetz. MetroBus routes can be recognized by the M prefix to the route number. Most of the MetroNetz bus and tramlines operate 24/7.

7. Ferries

There are also 6 passenger ferry routes available in Berlin due to its extensive network of waterways.

8. Ticket options

You can buy a ticket either at the machines placed in the stations or at kiosks in the station. A Single Ticket option can be used for 2 hours on any service once the ticket is validated. There are three different zones where to buy your ticket (AB, BC, ABC) There are also options for long term like, the Seven Day-Ticket, the Monthly Ticket or the Annual Ticket for which you also get discounts.

You MUST validate your ticket at one of the machines next to where you buy your ticket or on the platform before you start your journey or you could get a 45 euro fine if one of the inspectors catches you. Some are more lenient than others but it’s not a fun conversation to have when you are hauled off the U-Bahn!

Always plan your trip online or use the BVG fahrinfo app

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