Relocations for companies are never easy, here are the top reasons for expatriates to leave their assignments prematurely include insufficient support, both for the assignee and his family. But what kind of support can a company offer to both the employees it sends overseas, as well as the employees it hires from abroad?

  1. Careful selection – When choosing the person to do the job, consider not only their professional qualifications, but also their ability to adapt, their tolerance and attitude towards change.
  2. Preparation – Cultural and language training go a long way for your employee (and their families!) to be able to communicate and act appropriately in their new home and avoid feeling like a stranger.
  3. Paperwork – Immigration regulations can be tricky, so make sure your employee is not left alone with this. Make sure to have all the necessary documents and to keep the deadlines because immigrations can be denied even due to seemingly minor mistakes.
  4. Assistance – Help out with issues such as removal, housing, taxes, lifestyle and other things your employee (and their family) might need. is a useful source for solutions that are customized for expats.
  5. Welcoming culture – Prepare the local team to make sure your expat feels welcome. If you frequently hire people from abroad, intercultural communication training for your local employees makes sense. Also consider using English as your company language. In addition, connections to the international community can be made at our events.

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