A Globals Member is a person who has arrived in a new country, ready to integrate with the local community and become a part of the expat scene.

CG - Global member

A Globals Member is a smart consumer, an early adopter and is thoroughly immersed in the digital world.

A Globals Member has Google Translate bookmarked, and will know to never trust it to create grammatically correct sentences.

A Globals Member will fearlessly ingest food, even if they are not entirely sure what it is. Nussplunder, anyone?

A Globals Member has or will have children who can speak at least two languages.

A Globals Member rarely speaks on the telephone, preferring Skype, Whatsapp and Facebook as their primary means of communication.

A Globals Member has more frequent flyer points than they have hairs on their head.

A Globals Member has discovered the wonder that is Meetup.com and has exchanged more business cards in their new country than they ever did in their old life.

A Globals Member is on a first name basis with Michel Thomas, and is obsessed with how many points they have on duolingo.

A Globals Member doesn’t have a single electronic device in their house without an international adapter attached to it.

A Globals Member can’t remember a time when they drove a car to work in the morning instead of cycling or catching the subway.

A Globals Member is someone who is not afraid to assimilate, to become involved in local culture and immerse themselves in learning about their new place.

What else makes you a “Globals Member”? Share it below 8)

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