Introducing Elise

Hey there! I am happy to introduce myself as the newest member of Club GLOBALS. My name is Elise and I am following an internship in Marketing and Communication. I am following a bilingual education in Marketing and Communication in The Netherlands, I am now in the middle of my last year.

I moved to Barcelona because it is a great step toward independence. I am only 18 and was very curious about how a business operates outside of The Netherlands, the country I am used to. So when I found out I could follow my internship at Club GLOBALS I was very excited because I think you get to experience what it is like to use most things I learned in school put into practice

After I get my diploma I want to get my bachelor’s degree in communication or creative business (I haven’t decided yet).

In the future, I might want to start my own company or work for a big company in marketing and communications. But that is also something I haven’t decided on yet.

I look forward to spending the next four months at Club GLOBALS and working on upcoming events.


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