Priscila, welcome to the team!

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Hello everyone,

My name is Priscila and I’m the newest member of the Club GLOBALS team in the Berlin office. I’ll be responsible for expanding the business and spreading the word on how GLOBALS creates products to make international life easier.  I have plenty of experience doing that since I’ve been working with expats for the past 5 years. Today I can say with confidence that I understand the difficulties someone faces when moving to a different country, and my greatest joy is to help people facing this challenge.

You’re probably wondering how I got here. I was born in Brazil and traveling has always been my passion. After I finished my Information Science degree from the Federal University of Minas Gerais, I decided to do an exchange abroad to improve my English. I enjoyed living in Dublin so much that I ended up staying there for almost 2 years, instead of the 6 months initial plan. Then I spent a season exploring my ancestors’ land: la Bella Italia. There, coincidentally (or not), I started what would be my future career in Mobility: I completed my citizenship process by myself, it wasn’t easy, but worth it.

Back in Brazil, I was determined to get a job in the Mobility sector. After a few calls and emails, finally a nice Argentinean decided to give me a chance and offered me the opportunity to work for Fiat. After all, I had recently come back from Italy and had a very strong awareness of how to deal with Italians. Some ups and downs, a season in Recife and then receiving a challenging offer: create an HR Mobility department from scratch in one of the biggest consulting companies in Brazil. Sao Paulo is definitely a must-live-once-in-life for those (like me) who love cosmopolitan, cultural and vibrant cities.  Being there for almost 3 years, I felt the need for change again, and my heart was telling me it was time to go back to Europe.

And here I am, in Berlin, this crazy, historical, hipster, and cool city! I’ve heard from several people since I arrived: It’s the place to be! I cannot find a better description.

I have been following Club GLOBALS since its creation and I’ve always admired Mario’s work and how passionately he ran the business. For me, GLOBALS is the ideal of what I’ve always believed Mobility should be; connect people and help make internationals’ life easier, plain and simple. I could not feel happier about being part of this community!

I look forward to welcoming you to the community at our upcoming events!

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