Salute GLOBALS !!

Hello GLOBALS family I am Efe Kart from Turkey! I started to work for Club GLOBALS 3 weeks ago. It will be a pleasure to take part in that team for the following 3 months.


I am a fresh Economics graduate from Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara. Having an Economics background gives you a chance to understand how global mechanisms run. In that sense, 4 years in my Bachelor’s degree was beneficial in order to figure out basic concepts by adopting them into real cases.


However, I believe in the power of practical experiences in life. That’s why I have been always trying to enhance my vision with supportive activities, like internships, projects, abroad adventures. I had various work experiences in fields of human resources, marketing, business development, corporate identity, and sales which provided to strengthen my mental capacity. In addition to that, they were so useful in order to clarify what I love and what I don’t as a field of work. Another positive aspect of those experiences was to know different human characteristics in different work environments. After all, the main result I point to as a moral was learning process shouldn’t be given up anytime.


I completed my Erasmus in Bosnia & Hercegovina 2 years ago. I had a chance to visit 17 countries and 46 cities within 5 months. Being on my way of becoming a global citizen, I feel very satisfied! Tasting different cultures, meeting with new friends, and generating a multicultural network.


In today’s global business world, conventional companies have been giving place to the new dynamic, sustainable and effective startups. Thereby, being in Berlin, continental Europe’s Silicon Valley, for working for social entrepreneurship was one of my dreams and it has an intense meaning to me. Furthermore, I want to create value for humanity and take responsibility in the process of sustainable development for the World. So, joining in Club GLOBALS and AiRelo is a great opportunity to observe expats’ problems and to ease their life extensively.


Consequently, I am very excited to work for Mario, collaborate with my colleagues, and broaden my horizons!!


I wish you a pleasant and productive week dear GLOBALS, take care  🙂

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