Dogs in the office

Dogs in the office Club GLOBALS

We all know them. Those long days at the office, working from 9.00 till 18.00 if not even longer. Just finishing that one last thing, or just working till late in the evening. Work causes stress, and stress is the worst thing for your personal health. But why should you become stressed at your workplace? What if there is a cute, easy way to help you relieve you of your stress?

A cute easy way, should you think? Yes, you heard right, a cute easy way. And that solution is, dogs! When your office has a dog, a lot of your problems will be solved. Bringing dogs to the office has been a popular trend in recent years, but in the future, it will become an even more widespread phenomenon.

But why should you bring your pet? You might be wondering what the advantages are. First, a dog brings a nice vibe with them. They are always happy to see you and love attention.

When you’re lacking inspiration, and you’ve been staring into space for the last 10 minutes, a dog is the perfect distraction. Taking a few moments to pet a dog, will allow you to switch off and relax. Also, this will allow you to return to your work with a clear, stress-free and motivated mindset. Additionally, if all your colleagues have the same problem, the dog will be petted all day but by different colleagues. So for the dog is it also nice to be in the office, because they will get a lot of attention.

Many scientists have done research on the impact of dogs in the workspace. For example, the scientist Randolph T. Barker did research, and the results were all positive. 84% of the offices with dogs have an overall more positive and stress free work environment. The dog lifts the mood of the staff. With a positive vibe, the stress will decline, meaning that colleagues are more likely to work together more efficiently, whilst also decreasing possible tension between staff members. Another advantage is that the dogs are not neglected by leaving them at home alone all day. Furthermore, all dogs need regular exercise and thus, bringing your dog to work will also give you an excuse to enjoy some fresh air. If there isn’t a dog to walk, most of the people won’t go outside all day, and will sit in the same chair all day, which can have serious consequences for their health.


By this point in this blog post, you’re probably wondering whether our office has a dog. The answer is yes. We have our own little Chihuahua, Cody.  Mario brings Cody every day to the office with him. Cody is our little friend who really cheers up the workspace. He is not just a cute face, as he also plays a crucial part in maintaining high team spirit. Sometimes he craves attention and then he will jump onto your lap. Then he wants to lie down on the desk, in order to look out at the great view of the Berlin skyline. In the lunch break, we take him for a walk and we also get some fresh air for ourselves. Also our partners like Cody very much. Every time there’s a business visit to the office, Cody always proves to be very popular with visitors. This is just one of the many reasons why he is our Chief Mascot Officer.

dogs in the office Club GLOBALS

Lastly, people in the WeWork office always recognize Cody when we walk with him. It doesn’t matter which of our colleagues walks with Cody, they recognize him as the CMO of Club GLOBALS. In a recent post, WeWork also gave attention to the dogs of their offices in Germany, in which Cody is included. You can read more about the dogs here.

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