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Being an expat is hard sometimes. Luckily it is also amazing! You can read the 10 best things about being an expat below!

First-  A fresh start

In your new life as an expat, you have chosen to write a new chapter in your book. You have to start all over again with finding new friends, looking for activities you can do and create your new home. In a lot of situations is this a great new chance and a fresh start.

Second – Life Skills

As an expat, you will need to pick up some new skills in your new world. Skills like finding regular products you used and finding your way in the city. After some time in a new city, you will learn a lot about the city. Maybe you have to learn how to cook for yourself or how to rent something in a different city. By all these sorts of things, you learn new life skills!

Third – Expect the Unexpected

As you move your way through your new life as an expat there are bound to be things that happen you could not expect before. After a while, you will learn to go with the flow and that means you give yourself the ability to just be and take each new experience as a gift! Once you grow in a city, you feel home and you will not be impressed by all the new things.

Fourth – Broaden Your Horizon

So cliche! But, your horizon broadens not only physically but figuratively as an expat. Not only a new land to explore but also new opportunities. You can join us we want to make the international life for expats easier!

Fifth – You Don’t Take Life Too Seriously

Being an expat means that you chose to make the big step and go abroad! Just laughing at the world and not taking everything too seriously. Not worrying too much about the little bumps in the journey is just part of growing and evolving in your new place in the world!

Sixth – Friends in Many Places

Being an expat means having friends all over the world. They take you to special spots only locals know about, help you learn their customs and offer you support when your life abroad gets a bit overwhelming. And having friends scattered around the globe means that you’ll have a place to stay wherever you go! You make friends for life!

Seventh – New Language

Obviously, learning a new language is a vital element to experiencing the fullness of the expat life. The great thing about learning the language of your host country is that it won’t take much time to learn it, as you are always surrounded by and exposed to the language.

Eight – Better Job

Sometimes the reason for becoming an expat is to get a better job or start a new career. And sometimes you will be loved as an expat because you have skills that locals might not have. If you are doing the same job as you were in your home country, working in your new environment may make your career seem like a new adventure and provide you with more knowledge of the differences between certain cultures.

Nine – Funny Misunderstandings

The differences in language and culture will be funny. Every country is different with different ideas of work, communication and time. You never know when your language is understandable for the local people. But you are an Expat, so just try it!

Tenth – Self Discovery

You know what they say “The shortest way to yourself is living around the world”. You will get to know yourself in this adventure and you will develop a whole new you.

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