Bürke’s Very First Entrepreneurs Adventure – Startup Marathon

Startup- Marathon

I haven’t thought what I’m going to do in this start-up marathon but there I was.

My friends were insisted and I’ve just accepted to come for not being disgraceful. There were great bright faces everywhere and I’ve found a seat, too. First, idea owners got on the stage, introduced themselves and their ideas. Then, we voted the ideas to pick best 10. This guy’s idea “Dorm” was really attracted to me and it felt like I had the idea before. When we began to team, I was the first business developer for the idea “Dorm”.

After, it started. Training, mentor speeches… I don’t remember I have ever been involved something that much. For 48 hours, we barely slept, socialized and ate but it wasn’t a torture to me at all, contrarily, it was a huge satisfaction to develop an idea from the bottom.

That was the moment; we’ve sent our presentations, prototypes, and everything and it was the time to get ready for the stage.

Jury members had poker faces, seemed cruel. When it was our time to present all the effort and elbow grease, we weren’t nervous at all, surprisingly. That 10 minutes were like a couple seconds to me; when we finished, everybody was applauding.

We all knew that only the first 3 teams will be announced. The first and the third team were announced; nice idea it was, congratulations. The Second team; oh okay, you deserved it guys. Then, we heard: “And the winning team is Dorm! You were great guys, congrats!”

Being rewarded for one’s effort is the best feeling!  That marathon meant a lot to me and that experience gave me the knowledge what it is like being an entrepreneur.


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