When you finally arrived in Berlin as an expat, you want to look for some new friends right? Are you going to explore on your own, or are you looking for some soulmates who also want to see beautiful Berlin? Maybe you will go to some events to meet new people! There is an app for everything!


eTing is an event networking and matching app. You have to log in with your LinkedIn account. Now you can see all the people who are coming to the next planned event you are going to. You get a view of everybody who will be there and what they do. If you are interested in this person you can swipe right, now you have to wait for your matches. If you have a match with a person you were interested in you can start a chat, and you can see each other on the next event. You can also use the app as an event guide for your customers.


This is a great app for networking! You can use it every day around the event. It looks a little like the eTing app. You can make appointments with your customers and you can give them the right information by using this app. The difference between eTing and Networkapp is that you can make your own dashboard. You can make your own content and use your own corporate identity so people can find you the day before and the day after the event.


You can login by LinkedIn our by using your email. After login you have to click on your 10 biggest interests. By all the data you give to Shapr they make some connections. You can swipe to the right if you want to meet the person and you can swipe to left if you are not sure about the person. The next day they will come back as a suggestion. Maybe did you make a mistake or do you really want to meet this person. It is a provisionally rejection that you can change a day later.

But obviously do not forget Facebook and LinkedIn. These are the most populair network apps as you know!

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