The beauty of Potsdam; a city full of history and modernity

Another capital city lies only 24 kilometers from the center of Berlin. The beautiful Potsdam is just a short train ride away! Exploring the city by foot or by bike is a nice experience because you can stop anywhere to admire an outstanding building or to sit in the grass near a lake.

Due to its unique, natural and cultural landmarks; the city who used to host Prussian’s kings is now a nature lover’s dream. You can find more than 20 lakes near the city. Green spaces are also everywhere: they cover three-quarters of the city.

The capital of the federal state of Brandenburg is composed of seven districts and nine surrounding villages that finally joined the city in 2003. While the south of the city is more modern, the north and center parts possess historical buildings build with the region’s typical architecture. Berlin’s neighbour is also reputed for its universities such as the university of Potsdam or the Fachhochschule.

In a nutshell, the capital of Brandenburg is a calm and green city but also a vibrant city with students and families who live there. Potsdam close proximity to Berlin makes it a wonderful place to live. A day trip to Potsdam will help you get away from the overwhelming hustle and bustle of Berlin.

Things to see:


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