Without a doubt, the best part about moving internationally is having your friends come visit you. Especially in Summer!  But with the harsh wind and 4 PM sunset, we are currently suffering through here in Berlin it is easy to lose sight of what an incredible city this is.  What is getting us expats through this frigid winter is the promise that, come April, the snow will thaw, the sun will shine, and we will have the pleasure of playing tour guide to our visiting family and friends.  Berlin comes alive in the summertime.

The sun hangs out until well past 9 PM, the beer gardens and terraces bloom, people start smiling again, faces and places you’ve never noticed before come out of the depths to bask in the perfect weather.

Here are a few suggestions of Summer things to do in Berlin that will be sure to impress your guests.  This is just a starting point, though.  Once the summer comes you will feel the irresistible urge to wander the boulevards in search of your own Berlin experience and I promise it will not disappoint you!

Urban Sports Club– bringing all of Berlin’s sports venues and clubs under one roof.  USC organizes games and events all week long, to get your butt moving and whip you back into shape after the Winter slump.  Bring your friends along or meet new ones! Register through GLOBALS to get special membership offers.

Kater Blau– this old soap factory-turned-nightclub boasts room after room of bumping party life day and night. Wander through the endless alleyways to discover new mini-fests in gritty Berlin fashion. Plenty of drinks, music, and discoveries to keep you there all day long.

Volkspark Humboldthaina small but beautiful park located in Wedding. Full of winding trails, a rose garden, and plenty of grassy knolls to lounge in.  An old WWI bunker sits atop the hill offering 360o views of Berlin as well as belaying and rock climbing sites.

Karaoke at Mauerpark– Every Sunday, Bearpit Amphitheater opens up for karaoke like you’ve never seen before.  Stand in the center and sing to thousands of lounging fans who either cheer you on like a rock star or mercilessly boo you off the stage.

Badeschiff– a floating public swimming pool of the bank of the River Spree. It started as an art project but is now open to the public from 8AM-midnight daily.  Features include a full bar, dance floor, and nightly DJ’s.  Cost 3€.

Open Air Parties – Berlin is the home to one of the best nightlife scenes in the world, and we’re not just referring to the big legendary Techno clubs such as Berghain and Tresor. In the summer, Berlin takes its party reputation to a whole new level with regular open air events across the city! The places offering some of the best open air parties, that you cannot miss include IPSE, Klunkerkranich, and Birgit&Bier.

Did we miss something off the list? What do you recommend for this summer? We’d love to know!

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