Twitter Under Musk: Shifting Landscapes and the Emergence of Bluesky


🚀 A look at the changes on Twitter and the new kid on the block, Jack Dorsey’s Bluesky 🌐

🌬️ The Winds of Change

It’s been almost a year since Elon Musk announced his intentions to buy Twitter. Many people were skeptical, wondering if Twitter would falter under Musk’s leadership. Now, with the platform’s landscape shifting, it’s time to examine what the future holds for this influential social media giant.

🆕 The New Twitter, 🔵 Paid Verification and Impersonation

Twitter’s blue tick, once a symbol of authenticity, has morphed into a paid monthly subscription, with verification for those who pay 💰. Sadly, this change led to fake accounts impersonating high-profile individuals and organizations. As visibility on the platform shifts to those who pay, we’ll soon discover Twitter’s new face.

📊 Subscriber Numbers and User Engagement

Though Twitter hasn’t released official figures, analysts believe the number of subscribers is a mere fraction of its 300 million user-base 📉. With limited visibility for non-paying users, will the platform lose its appeal and become dull 🤔?

⚖️ Is the Playing Field Really Level?

Musk claimed that the old Twitter unfairly decided who was important. But under his watch, some have received free verification, and he’s personally paid for the subscriptions of notable critics. Plus, only businesses that pay for verification can advertise, unless they spend over $1,000 per month 💸. It seems Twitter isn’t entirely a level playing field after all.

🚪 Departures and the Loss of Influence

Influential news organizations and celebrities have left the platform or stopped tweeting due to these changes 👋. With reduced visibility and the loss of influential voices, will Twitter maintain its status as a powerful social tool 📢?

🌟 The Rise of Bluesky

Amid these changes, Twitter’s original creator, Jack Dorsey, is introducing a new platform called Bluesky . Although it’s currently a small, invitation-only space, it promises to be compatible with other platforms in the future 🤝. With the potential to become the next influential platform, Bluesky may fill the void left by Twitter.

🔮 The Future Awaits

As we witness the transformation of Twitter under Elon Musk’s leadership, the platform’s future remains uncertain. While some users adapt to the new changes, others look towards emerging platforms like Bluesky 🚀. As Twitter evolves, we’ll keep a close eye on the direction it takes and its impact on the social media landscape 🌐.

Stay tuned, GLOBALS! 🌍


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