EU-Startups Summit 2024: 10 years Connecting Startups & Investors

This year of EU-Startups Summit was by far the best edition of the conference. Over two thrilling days, the summit welcomed over 2,000 attendees, including passionate entrepreneurs, corporate representatives, forward-thinking investors, and influential media representatives from all over the world. Everyone shared a common passion for innovation and collaboration, creating an beautiful and electrifying atmosphere that celebrated the best of what Europe’s startup ecosystem has to offer.

The exhibition hall

Around 60 companies exhibited at the EU-Startups Summit 2024, showcasing the diversity and creativity of Europe’s entrepreneurial landscape. From sectors like fintech, biotech, and cleantech, companies such as Berlin-based Caeli Wind, Paris-based Tulyp, and Tallinn-based Nanordica Medical displayed innovative products and services. CloudOffice demonstrated its cutting-edge cloud solutions designed to enhance remote work efficiency, while Salesforce showcased its latest CRM innovations in sales and marketing automation. This marketplace in a Hogwarts kind of environment allowed attendees to engage directly with innovators, see their market potential, and understand how they could enhance consumer experiences. The event fostered invaluable exposure, networking, and meaningful connections, enhancing the dynamic atmosphere of the summit​​​.

Keynote Speakers

The summit featured an impressive lineup of keynote speakers who shared their insights and experiences, fostering a learning environment that resonated with both new and seasoned entrepreneurs. Notably:

  • Dr. Werner Vogels, Vice President and CTO of Amazon, captivated the audience with his insights into the future of cloud computing and digital infrastructure. His talk highlighted how innovative technologies are transforming businesses and improving customer experiences worldwide.
  • Lubomila Jordanova, co-founder and CEO of Plan A, delivered a talk titled “Entrepreneurial Insights from Building One of the World’s Fastest-Growing GreenTech Companies.” She shared her journey in leading a successful climate tech startup and provided invaluable advice on how startups can integrate sustainability into their business models.
  • Kilian Kaminski, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Refurbed, joined our stellar speaker lineup and delivered a keynote on Refurbed’s growth journey and how it is enabled by a purpose-driven company culture. During his session, he highlighted the crucial role of sustainable practices in scaling startups and provided practical advice on how startups can integrate sustainability into their business models.

These sessions offered practical advice and inspirational stories that underscored the resilience and innovation at the core of successful startups.

Resourcly for the win!

The pitch competition at the EU-Startups Summit was a highlight, showcasing 15 innovative European startups. The standout was Resourcly, which won the top prize with its platform for efficient resource management, reducing waste and optimizing material use through advanced data analytics and user-friendly applications. Their pitch emphasized significant cost savings and operational improvements for businesses, highlighting their potential to transform sustainability practices. They received a comprehensive prize package valued at over €390,000 incluiding a €250,000 funding opportunity with Look AI Ventures and $100,000 in Google Cloud credits​. This victory not only positions Resourcly as a leader in sustainability but also underscores the importance of eco-friendly business models in the tech industry.

Winner Pitching Competition EU-Startups Summiut
Winner Pitching competition EU-Startups Summit 2024

GSTF on TOUR at the EU-Startups Summit

The GLOBAL Sales Tech Festival (GSTF) On Tour in Malta was more than just a memorable event; it marked the beginning of an exciting series that promises to become a highlight in the tech and sales landscape across Europe. As the inaugural edition, the Malta tour featured a series of interviews, a unique pitch competition, and lively after-parties. With upcoming editions in Berlin, Granada, Munich, Madrid, Lisbon, and Davos, the tour is set to bring its unique blend of insight and interaction to an even broader audience.

During this event, we had the opportunity to engage closely with influential figures in the startup world, conducting exclusive interviews with several keynote speakers and industry leaders. Notable sessions included an intimate chat with Tilo Bonow, the passionate CEO and Founder of Piabo, as well as insightful short discussions with Elina Vale, the dynamic CEO and Co-founder of Essence Labs, Zoltan Vardy, the perceptive Startup Mentor and Founder of The Launch Code. These sessions provided us with a unique glimpse into their thoughts and the valuable insights they shared.

In addition to these, we conducted interviews with a range of other prominent figures in the tech and startup sectors. This included Sanya Engineer, Angel Investor; Jan Hase, CEO of Wunderflats; Ivo Zimbilev, Managing Partner at Cloud Office; Pablo de Paz Carbajo, Senior Solution Engineer at Salesforce; and Eleanor Keegan-Smith, Director at Salesforce. These sessions provided us with a unique glimpse into their thoughts and the valuable insights they shared, enhancing our understanding of the current and future state of the startup ecosystem.


Tilo Bonow, CEO And Founder of Piabo

In our exclusive interview, Tilo Bonow, CEO and Founder of Piabo, delves into the nuances of sales strategies in the digital age.

Tilo shares his experiences and insights on how technology and innovation can drive sales performance. His perspectives on the evolving sales landscape and the importance of effective communication are both enlightening and inspiring. Join us as Tilo provides his expert view on building successful sales strategies and the role of technology in shaping the future of sales

Elina Vale, CEO of Essence Labs.

In our exclusive interview, Elina Vale, CEO and Co-founder of Essence Labs, shares her journey through the world of startups and her vision for the future.

Elina’s dynamic leadership and innovative approach have been pivotal in shaping the digital landscape. Her insights into the challenges and opportunities facing the tech industry today are both inspiring and enlightening. Join us as we delve into her thoughts on entrepreneurship, the importance of fostering a culture of innovation, and her strategic plans for Essence Labs’ continued growth and success

Zoltan Vardy, Founder of The Launch Code.

In this insightful interview, Zoltan Vardy, Startup Mentor and Founder of The Launch Code, provides a deep dive into his extensive experience in the startup ecosystem.

With a keen eye for potential and a perceptive approach to mentorship, Zoltan discusses the key elements that drive startup success and the common pitfalls that entrepreneurs should avoid. His strategic advice and practical tips are invaluable for anyone looking to navigate the complex landscape of entrepreneurship. Join us as Zoltan shares his wisdom on nurturing startups and fostering innovation.

Sanya Engineer, Angel investor.

In our engaging interview with Sanya Engineer, an insightful Angel Investor, we explore the critical role of technology in shaping successful investment strategies.

Sanya’s unique perspective on startup growth and her keen eye for innovation are evident as she discusses how technological advancements influence her investment decisions. Join us as Sanya shares her expertise on the importance of tech-savvy investments and her approach to identifying promising startups in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Jan Hase, CEO of Wunderflats.

Jan Hase, CEO of Wunderflats, provides a compelling look into his leadership and the strategic vision that has positioned Wunderflats as a key player in the housing market.

With a focus on innovation and customer-centric solutions, Jan discusses his journey in the real estate sector and the path that led him to spearhead one of the most forward-thinking companies in the industry. Join us as Jan shares his experiences and the philosophy that drives his approach to business and leadership in an ever-evolving landscape

Ivo Zimbilev, Managing Partner at Cloud Office.

In our exclusive interview, Ivo Zimbilev, Managing Partner at Cloud Office, delves into the nuances of sales strategies in the digital age.

Ivo discusses how Cloud Office is enhancing sales performance through innovative digital workspace solutions. His insights into the sales process and how technology can be leveraged to improve efficiency and effectiveness are both enlightening and inspiring. Join us as Ivo shares his expert perspective on building successful sales strategies and the role of technology in shaping the future of sales

Pablo de Paz Carbajo and Eleanor Keegan-Smith of Salesforce.

In this compelling interview, Pablo de Paz Carbajo, Senior Solution Engineer, and Eleanor Keegan-Smith, Director at Salesforce, come together to discuss the dynamic world of sales and the innovative solutions Salesforce provides to enhance sales strategies.

Their combined expertise offers a comprehensive view of how technology is transforming the sales landscape, making processes more efficient and effective. Join us as Pablo and Eleanor share their perspectives on the future of sales, the importance of leveraging advanced tools, and how Salesforce is at the forefront of driving success in this rapidly evolving field.

The Unique Pitch Competition on the Bus

The bus ride through Malta wasn’t just a journey from one location to another, it was an engaging activity that transformed a bus ride into a stage where startups battled it out in a high-energy pitch competition. This was not your typical pitch setting. Startups had to adapt to the moving environment, mastering their nerves and honing their pitch to perfection, all while navigating the turns and traverses of Malta’s scenic routes.

What made the bus ride truly unique was the level of interaction and engagement it facilitated. In a traditional pitch competition, startups are often separated from the audience by physical and psychological barriers. On the bus, these barriers dissolved. Investors, mentors, and fellow entrepreneurs were all part of the intimate audience, leading to immediate feedback and dynamic discussions right after each pitch on a great and distended ambience.

The competition reached its climax with the announcement of the winners, who were awarded valuable prizes that promised to further their entrepreneurial journeys. Joshua Ajayi founder of Paydai took home an Annual Membership, providing him year-long access to networking events and resources. Warren Mulvey Co-Founder of Affinity Sales Group won a GSTF25 PRO Ticket, granting him entry to the Global Sales Tech Festival and Katalin Ringer received a GSTF On Tour Ticket, allowing her access to all the global stops of the GSTF tour.

The bus ride also turned into a rolling networking event, where conversations started on the bus continued well into the after parties. This ongoing dialogue allowed for deeper connections, as participants shared insights and explored potential collaborations in a more relaxed, yet still professionally engaging, atmosphere.

Bus Pitching Competition

Experience the #EUSS2024: Live from the Terrace at the Networking Drinks

We wanted to show you the energy and the ambience lived in Malta, so we recorded a live streaming of the event enhanced with live interviews, bringing viewers into the heart of the action. We cross with the winners, Thomas Ohr the CEO and Founder of EU-Startups and more!

Take a look at the livestream here:

As we wrap up our recap of the EU-Startups Summit and GSTF On Tour Malta, it’s clear that these events are about more than just the talks and competitions; they’re about building a community. A community that encourages innovation, supports sustainable practices, and helps each other in the journey of entrepreneurship.

Our next stop will be Berlin next to TOA. GSTF on Tour Berlin will be held at The Social Hub the 5th of June with workshops, tours and networking activities.

Don’t miss the next chance to be part of this energetic community. Join us at the next edition of GSTF On Tour in Berlin, where we’ll keep exploring exciting ideas, building new partnerships, and celebrating the lively spirit of the startup community.

Stay tuned for more updates, and make sure you’re there to experience the energy, learn from the best, and be part of the thriving global startup scene. See you in Berlin!

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