Connecting Innovators: GSTF on Tour Berlin and TOA’s Best Moments

Tech Open Air (TOA): A Decade of Thought-Provoking Discussions and Networking

Tech Open Air (TOA), held in Berlin, marked its 10th edition this year, reinforcing its position as a notable tech event in Europe. Known for integrating technology, culture, and art, TOA provided a platform for innovators and entrepreneurs to network and share ideas. The event featured a range of content with speakers from various industries, addressing topics such as artificial intelligence and sustainability. This mix of talks, workshops, and cultural elements made TOA a valuable event for those interested in the evolving landscape of technology and innovation.

đź“ą In-Depth Insights: Exclusive Interviews at Tech Open Air (TOA)

At Tech Open Air (TOA) in Berlin, we had the privilege of conducting exclusive interviews with some of the foremost experts in the tech industry. These conversations provided a wealth of insights, delving into current trends, challenges, and the future landscape of technology and innovation. The relaxed yet intellectually stimulating environment of TOA allowed for candid discussions, where industry leaders shared their thoughts on groundbreaking advancements and the evolving tech ecosystem.

Interview TOA Berlin
Mario Paladini interviewing Silvia Christmann at TOA

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We’re excited to bring you live coverage from Tech Open Air! Check out the live video below to join in on the action

Silvia Christmann, Founder Leadership Development Firm 

In our exclusive interview, Silvia Christmann, Founder of the Leadership Development Firm Silvia Christmann, shares her remarkable journey and vision for transforming leadership in today’s dynamic business environment.

Silvia’s innovative approach and dynamic leadership have been crucial in guiding organizations through complex challenges and towards sustainable success. Her insights into the evolving landscape of leadership development are both inspiring and enlightening. Join us as we delve into her thoughts on fostering a culture of continuous growth, the importance of emotional intelligence in leadership, and her strategic plans for empowering leaders to drive impactful change and organizational excellence.

In this insightful interview, Ankit Agrawal, Founder and CEO of Ganddee, shares his visionary approach to addressing the climate crisis through sustainable consumption.

Ankit delves into his experiences at TOA Berlin and discusses how Ganddee is revolutionizing consumer habits for a more sustainable future.With a focus on transformative solutions and a commitment to environmental stewardship, Ankit explores the key strategies for fostering a zero-waste economy. His innovative ideas and practical advice provide invaluable insights for anyone interested in sustainable living

David Bennett, Founder & CEO of Mimic Productions

In this insightful interview, David Bennett, Founder and CEO of Mimic Productions, shares his visionary approach to transforming the digital landscape through advanced 3D animation and digital human technology.

David delves into his experiences at TOA Berlin and discusses how Mimic Productions is revolutionizing the way industries, from gaming to film, integrate realistic digital humans into their projects.With a focus on innovative solutions and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology, David explores key strategies for creating lifelike digital characters that enhance user experience and interaction. His pioneering ideas and practical advice provide invaluable insights for anyone interested in the future of digital media and artificial intelligence.

Aarish Shah, Founder of EmergeOne, offers an insightful exploration into his leadership and the strategic vision that has made EmergeOne a vital partner for venture-backed startups.

With a dedication to financial innovation and client-centric consultancy, Aarish delves into his extensive experience in the finance sector and the journey that led him to establish EmergeOne as a leader in providing fractional CFO services. Join us as Aarish shares the remarkable story of how EmergeOne navigated a marketplace company through the pandemic, leading to an impressive nine-figure exit.

Yair Levy, Co-Founder & CEO of Brainspace, unveils his vision and leadership driving innovations in digital health with personalized brain data.

In this interview, Yair introduces Brainspace’s transformative approach to digital health through cognitive modeling, showcases real-world applications like enhancing user experiences on Spotify and Netflix, and discusses their current $1 million fundraising efforts to expand into the American market.

Martin Moravek, Co-Founder & CEO, minimalist phone

Martin Moravek, Co-Founder & CEO of Minimalist Phone, explores how his innovation combats smartphone overuse with mindful technology.

In this interview, Martin introduces Minimalist Phone’s unique approach to reducing smartphone addiction by transforming home screens and promoting mindful app usage. He highlights features like text-based icons, time limits, and reminders to enhance digital well-being, and explains practical solutions for managing smartphone time and filtering notifications effectively.

Tomáš Halász, Co-Founder & CEO of TrollWall AI, discusses his mission to combat online hate through innovative technology.

In this interview, Tomáš introduces TrollWall AI’s real-time protection system that removes harmful comments from social media profiles, serving diverse clients from presidents to NGOs. He highlights their impactful work with over 30 NGOs and their rapid expansion from one country to seven in four months, alongside their current investment efforts to scale globally.

Emily Hoffschmidt McDonnell, Communications Strategist, shares her expertise on fostering diversity and crafting effective communication strategies.

In this interview, Emily discusses her key takeaways on promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in tech, emphasizing empowerment and active listening. She shares her experience in helping companies develop impactful communication strategies and highlights the trend towards data-driven storytelling, offering tips on embracing transparency and staying true to their vision.

GSTF On Tour Berlin: The recap

Berlin, renowned for its rich history and vibrant culture, welcomed GSTF On Tour with open arms, making it a warm and intimate event in the tech calendar. The event was a unique blend of cultural exploration and professional networking, ensuring that attendees left with new connections and unforgettable memories.

The excitement for GSTF On Tour Berlin kicked off from TOA front entrance at the iconic Colosseum Berlin, where Tech Open Air attendees gathered for a unique and exhilarating city tour pitch competition, held on a sustainable double decker electric bus. This event, set against Berlin’s scenic backdrop, combined the thrill of pitching innovative ideas with a captivating exploration of the city’s historic landmarks. Entrepreneurs eagerly presented their visions in the moving bus, transforming a traditional pitch session into a dynamic journey through Berlin’s cultural and historical highlights, making for a memorable and inspiring start to the day’s festivities.

Winners bus pitching competition

The grand prize was awarded to Martin Moravek from Minimalist Phone. This inventive startup is leading a revolution in mobile technology by presenting a phone that strips down to essentials—focusing solely on calls and messages without the distractions of apps, notifications, or social media. Their mission is to foster digital well-being and encourage users to live more intentionally, cutting down screen time and nurturing deeper connections with the world around them.

Winner Bus pitching competition GSTF On Tour Berlin

First Prize: Martin Moravek of Minimalist Phone

Award: Open Circle Dinner + Club GLOBALS Annual Membership
Martin’s compelling presentation about Minimalist Phone resonated strongly with the audience. He highlighted how his sleek, user-friendly device addresses a growing societal need for digital detox and mindful living. By winning the popular vote, Martin secured an exclusive dinner at Open Circle, an ideal setting for networking with industry leaders, and a coveted annual membership with Club GLOBALS, which will further integrate him into the tech and entrepreneurial community.

Second Prize: Alvar Mollik

Award: Unity Headphones
Alvar Mollik wowed the attendees with his innovative pitch, earning him the second prize of Unity Headphones. His proposal, focused on enhancing user experiences in the digital realm, was met with widespread enthusiasm and recognition from the crowd.

Third Prize: Tim Degraye

Award: Rhode Mic
Tim Degraye clinched the third prize with his engaging presentation, winning a Rhode Mic. Tim’s pitch showcased his dedication to creating solutions that streamline and enhance communication, which struck a chord with the audience.

After the city tour pitch competition, the event moved to The Social Hub, a creative and modern space in central Berlin. Known for its vibrant atmosphere, The Social Hub provided the perfect setting for the evening’s activities. Upon arrival, attendees enjoyed a welcome drink, which set the stage for a lively evening. The spacious venue buzzed with conversation as participants mingled and shared their experiences from the tour. The informal and relaxed environment fostered easy interactions, paving the way for meaningful connections and engaging discussions throughout the night.

A highlight of the evening was an inspiring pitch by Mats Kuuskemaa from the e-Residency team. Kuuskemaa captivated the audience with a presentation titled “How Estonia Offers a Fast, Easy, and Digital Platform for Your Next Business”. He explained how Estonia’s e-Residency program allows entrepreneurs, freelancers, startup founders, and potential digital nomads to establish and manage their EU-based businesses entirely online. This groundbreaking initiative, the first of its kind, is transforming the way people think about business in the digital age.

Adding a personal touch to the evening, Julian Mental Sixpack, an e-resident, shared his success story. He detailed how e-residency helped him overcome traditional business barriers and expand his company internationally, inspiring many in the audience to consider Estonia’s e-Residency program as a viable path for their entrepreneurial journey.

City Tour GSTF On Tour Berlin

As the night unfolded, The Social Hub transformed into a vibrant and energetic party, thanks to an Ibiza DJ spinning some lively beats. The upbeat music encouraged everyone to hit the dance floor and mingle, creating the perfect blend of fun and networking. Tech innovators and startup founders enjoyed a relaxed atmosphere where business and pleasure seamlessly intertwined.

It was an evening of energy, laughter, and new professional friendships.

Mats Kuuskemaa Pitching to Founders at The Social Hub During GSTF On Tour Berlin
Mats Kuuskemaa Pitching to Founders at The Social Hub During GSTF On Tour Berlin

Embark on an Exciting Journey with GSTF On Tour: Next Stop, Granada!

As GSTF On Tour continues to build momentum, we’re excited to announce our upcoming destinations across Europe. First up is the historic and vibrant city of Granada, followed by visits to Munich, Madrid, Lisbon, and Davos. Each city offers a unique blend of culture, innovation, and networking opportunities. Here’s a quick look at what’s in store!

Granada 🇪🇸 – Starting with a Bang at Alhambra Venture

Our next adventure takes us to Granada, a city where history and innovation collide. GSTF On Tour will be a side event at the prestigious Alhambra Venture, one of Spain’s leading startup and investment forums. This is an incredible opportunity to network with top entrepreneurs and investors, all while soaking in the rich cultural ambiance of the Alhambra.

Make sure to apply for your ticket here!

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