Mark Zuckerberg is traveling to Europe again next month!

Zuckerberg will start his trip in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, where he’ll be talking with Jessi Hempel about and their plans about solar-powered planes, satellites and lasers to connect the world.

After that, he’ll travel to Berlin for a Townhall Q&A in one of his favorite cities in the world. More than 27 million people use Facebook in Germany, and it’s inspiring to serve a country that in our lifetime showed the power of community to tear down walls.

The Facebook community in Europe is important to Mark personally. People have shared amazing stories with him about the way people use Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger.

In the last year, he has seen how connectivity can be a tool for addressing important challenges. For example organizing support around the refugee crisis. Europe is the cultural leader in determining whether the world will become more open and connected, or more closed and isolated. Its culture shapes the whole world.

Photo credit: TechCrunch

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