Berlin in times of Coronavirus

Berlin in times of Coronavirus

Coronavirus in Germany

There have been almost 200,000 cases confirmed in Germany, which puts it on the 16th place by the number of infected patients in the World. With the first case of coronavirus infection in Berlin occurring on March 2, 2020. Since then 8655 cases have been confirmed, but the number of recovered patients exceeds the number of active cases, which gives us hope that very soon we’ll be back to normal. A good site to keep us informed about the monitoring of the virus is The Robert Koch Institute. Also, an app from the Federal Government could be useful. In order to determine, whether or not you had contact with an infected person, you can download the Coronavirus Warning App from App Store or Google Play for free.

Berlin walls down and lockdown

In Berlin so far, a slight, but already noticeable, revival of population activity is planned. This is due to the removal of the most stringent restrictive measures to fight the spread of the pandemic.

But at the same time, some requirements continue to be in force, agreed, and adopted by the governments of all federal states. Namely: the use of protective masks in public transport and in stores, as well as distancing and prescribed hygiene measures, are still mandatory for everyone.

It is quite clear that the process of eliminating restrictions is gradual. And it is carried out carefully, to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

Passengers of public transportation are still strictly checked for compliance with the rules of conduct (wearing safety masks) caused by the threat of a pandemic. And are charged with appropriate fines for violations. Well done BVG! do not be surprised to find this message in public transport: Gemeinsam gegen Corona: Abstand halten, Mund und Nase bedecken. For more information have a look at the public transport site: BVG Berlin.

Shops, Restaurants, and Concerts

But there is good news too. In all federal states of Germany Museums, Fitness Centers, Open Swimming Pools, Beaches, Restaurants, Bars and Shops are open, only Discos and Clubs remain closed.

Even the World-renowned club – Berghain will remain closed until the end of the year. But Berliners don’t lose their spirit. Some of them still find ways to party by gathering in the city’s parks under an open sky and dance their troubles away – of course, while still keeping the safe distance.

And for the most precautious people, many will keep in mind the option to get food, furniture, and more online. Many companies as, Dr.Pierre Ricaud, Ravensburger, and Bodfeld-Apotheke have been on-demand in the times we are living.

Image by Valentin Baciu from Pixabay

Flying to Berlin?

As for the people who want to visit Berlin, there are some restrictions. Citizens from most countries outside the European Union will have to stay in quarantine for two weeks. Whereas people arriving from EU countries are exempt from lockdown. In any case, you can start to check out and get some advice about your travel plans in and Booking.

COVID-19 Second wave likelihood and holidays

German Minister of Health Jens Spahn warned the population of the likelihood of a second wave of COVID-19. The Minister believes that every responsible citizen should be cautious during the holidays.

So as long as there is no tested and safe cure for the virus, every person should remember to follow the simple rules of hygiene in order to protect their own as well as the loved ones’ health.

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