When you start moving from places to places, keeping an open mind each time and enjoying discovering new cultures. I guess you can call yourself a global citizen!

How can you become a Global Citizen?

You are born somewhere, where first you learn the language your parents teach you. Then you enter a school that  your parents chose. You get involved in a society, where you actually start learning how to behave inside one. But at that time is your “pink bubble” as I like to call it. Because at an early age  you don´t have idea how many other cultures and customs are outside that bubble.

Getting out from that “pink bubble” is the first step becoming a global citizen. Trying to make any place you also feel like home becomes a better place, changing the economic, political and social situations.

I like to say that being a global citizen comes from the heart. It is a kind of a process that starts being interested in learning different cultures including the history, language, gastronomy, and wanting to be part of it.

Once you are a part of it, is when you know you belong to the world, cause also you know that there is not better country than other, each one has their own charming something you will not find in the other one, is then when you take it everywhere and start learning to coexist with other nationalities and cultures.

Are you a global citizen?

Feeling like a global citizen is basically someone who is able to make a home any place in the way, someone that adapts in any new culture and take it with the heart,also is someone that takes all the good things learned and apply them in other places trying to achieve peace in the world, these is something that hasn’t been achieve but as long there’s people wishing and working for it, at least there will be people that can survive with a little bit of help.

There already exists a big community of global citizen around the world!!! Where it doesn´t matter where you come from, but what we can learn from each other!!

Author: Renata Aguilar.

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