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You’ve made the decision that you want to work in Berlin. But how are you going to make your dream a reality? What are the tips and tricks to finding a job in a new country quickly? Every country and city has their own way, which also includes the companies. So when you want to find a new job in Berlin it is important to know the best way to land your dream job with the desired company.

How to find work in Berlin?

Step 1 to finding a job is, to decide what kind of job you want.  In what area of the city do you want to work, what kind of work environment do you like? Those are all important questions to ask yourself. When you know what you want, you can search for specific jobs. To be sure that you find a job that you really like, you can use our partners to help you find the right one. They will show you the vacancies most suited to you and connect you with the perfect job.

Corporate culture

Once you have been offered a position in a company, the next step will be to prepare yourself for the new job. Berlin is an international city full of cultural diversity, so it is important to orientate yourself appropriately. It is also strongly advised that you are specially prepared for the first day as you will want to make a good first impression. In Germany, there is a clear distinction between the boss and employee. Most of the time it is important to use the term ‘Sie’ when addressing your boss or colleagues. These are just a few reminders to help you make a good impression when you start your new job.

Startup City Berlin

You know that you want to work in Berlin, but you don’t want to work for a boss? Then Berlin is perfect! Berlin is the city of startups, people also call it the ‘Capital City of the World’. Berlin offers a lot of options to start your own company. At first, all the co-working spaces Berlin offers, which you can read more about here. Those spaces are ideal for networking and for collaborating with other startups. Berlin is also a relatively cheap city. Rent is cheap and the daily living costs are also lower compared to other cities in Germany.

Finding an apartment

So now that you have sorted out a job in Berlin, the next question is, where are you going to live? There are many websites and companies offering accommodation in Berlin but a lot of the time the demand is, unfortunately, bigger than the supply. Social media sites such as Facebook, also have various groups you can join, where individuals are offering their rooms. However always be careful, and watch out for scammers. A smart decision would be to contact one of our partners who specialise in finding the perfect room/flat for people.

City Registration

When you finally succeed in finding an apartment, now all you have to do is the registration (Anmeldung) for the Burgeramt. It is a long process and waiting in the city hall for hours can become very tiresome. To avoid all of this hassle, and to make the process much easier for yourself, simply message AiRelo for free. The form will be completed in just a few minutes. You can reach AiRelo through Facebook Messenger, who then helps you fill in the form, and sends you the completed form by email. The last step is now to take the form to the city hall, and then you are all set!

To learn more and to gain some useful tips about living in Berlin, check out more of our blog posts as well as our Berlin guide.

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