Elon Musk Fuses Twitter & X Corp: The Ultimate App

Last year, Elon Musk acquired Twitter, and since then, his grand plan for an “everything app” called “X” has started to take shape. Twitter has reportedly merged into a shell company named X Corp, hinting at Musk’s larger intentions for the platform.

Musk’s vision for X is a new kind of social media platform, with Twitter acting as a catalyst. He has mentioned Tencent’s WeChat as an inspiration, an all-inclusive app that offers messaging, photo sharing, ride services, food delivery, banking, and more. Musk sees a real opportunity to create a similar app outside China, possibly integrating Twitter as a “mini-app” within the larger platform.

Musk has also considered a blockchain-based social media platform, mentioning the idea to his brother Kimbal Musk. This platform would have a real-time database and a Twitter-like app, with users paying a small fee to register messages, reducing spam and bots. Crypto functionality is also expected to be added to Twitter after approval for payments.

Musk has expressed his dislike for ads, instead exploring alternative revenue models like charging some users for access or features like the blue checkmark. He has also shown interest in helping content creators earn through the platform.

Musk’s new platform will likely emphasize free speech, and he has been critical of some of Twitter’s bans, including that of former president Donald Trump. Social media expert Matt Navarra suggests diversifying revenue sources could help Twitter if it adopts a more open free speech policy.

Finally, Musk is determined to battle bots on Twitter, which he considers the “single most annoying problem.” The subscription process is expected to help eliminate impersonation fraud on the platform as Musk continues to reshape social media with his vision.


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