Productivity TIPS

Working remotely is one of the advantages that Internet give us, therefore the need and develop of productivity tools have become a trend.

Nowadays working in a Company and never going there is definitely possible. But nevertheless the face to face catch up is not possible. This is why at present there are so many productivity tools to help us to coordinate, communicate and share ideas with the team. Here we’ll mention some of our favourite tools to keep the work flow:

1. Pocket. This tool helps you put in your “digital pocket” all what you want to save: articles, websites, photos, etc. So you can go back to what you prior classified as important. You are also able to add tags, in this way you can organize your the information better.

2. Skype it’s a very popular communication tool. It’s totally free, you can leave video messages and connect with more than one person in a conversation. The sharing screen feature is also very useful to expose literally whatever you want.

3. Hootsuite. Nowadays almost every company need to be active with the Social Media, and Hootsuite is here to help you with this task. With this tool you can schedule your post in all your channels at once! Recently they added an auto-schedule feature, which will schedule your post in the best time, according to your audience.your audience.

4. Trello you can forget about sticky notes, this visual organizer will help you see what you need to do, what is done, and also effectively coordinate with your team.

5. Google Drive it support any kind of files, allow you share and edit with others at the same time. The firsts 15 GB are for free so you can have an online storage of all your documents, photos, presentations, etc.

One last comment about these tools is that all of them are mobile, very practical!

These are just five of lots more,  in the next posts we’ll share more tips!

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