Zukunft Personal 2016

Since Zukunft-Personal is Europe’s largest HRM Trade Fair, we went there to interview specialists and professionals. Hosted in Cologne from the 18th to the 20th October 2016, which motto was “Arbeiten 4.0 the employee experience”. Nowadays, the employee experience is the heart of HR trends because companies are trying to improve more and more the work environment for their employees. Yet important, this subject still needs more voices like the ones we interviewed.

We were there as media partner interviewing the keynote speakers, organizers, exhibitors and the winner of the HR innovation Award. In conclusion, we met a lot of interesting people which whom we shared point of views and ideas on the work environment topic.

First of all, the interview of Gunter Dueck a Mathematician, writer, philosopher and Visionary on “From beta- thoughts on intelligence working.

The Interview of Ralf Hocke, most of all MD @ZukunkftPersonal Europe’s biggest #HR fair.

In addition, Meet the winner of @hrinnoaward Spendit AG.

Finally, our Solutioner HeavenHR at Zukunft Personal 2016.

In conclusion, we spent a great time at Zukunft Personal meeting people and interviewing such passionate and professional people.

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