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SILFIR is revolutionising the second hand clothing market with a new peer to peer gifting platform that is currently in prototyping. The company was launched in 2019 through a successful kickstarter for a circular design uniform and is already a GmbH with 500+ customers.

The founder, Hannah Kromminga, is now looking for a co-founder with a strong Digital Marketing background to join the team and make the new app proposition fly with users.


  • You have a strong profile in digital to consumer marketing and viral growth strategies
  • You are hands-on and ready to take on responsibility in any area of the business
  • You have start-up experience and are one of the people who excel in an uncertain environment


  • You don’t need a salary until we have secured further funding which is planned for H2 2020
  • You have experience in the fashion tech arena, ideally second-hand fashion tech

Why join: If this is you, you have the opportunity to join a start-up that has already gone through the initial pre-seed product development and validation phase, and still get the perks of a co-founder.

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