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Who we are & What we do

In one sentence:

? We are one team on a mission to reshape the oldest and largest industry on the planet – food ?

In more than one sentence:

Currently, up to 40% of the world’s food is never consumed while 815 million people are undernourished. The supply chain is grossly fragmented, as the world population’s demand and its demands continue to grow rapidly, the food industry urgently needs to be transformed.

Our goal is to revolutionize and digitalize the entire supply chain globally by connecting all of its players, while also empowering them locally to reduce waste, meet demand, and increase their bottom line.

Today, Choco provides a free digital platform that connects restaurants with their suppliers; an effortless tool that optimises communication, eliminates operational inefficiencies, and simplifies the entire ordering process for all sides. So far we have helped tens of thousands of restaurants and suppliers across four continents, but this is only the first step.

As one of the fastest growing tech start-up’s globally, we’re moving quicker than ever, assembling the most driven, humble and intelligent people to reach the next level together.

To disrupt the status quo, we are looking for hyper-motivated hustlers, optimistic go-getters, and versatile thinkers who have the passion and determination to go to the moon together.

We know the road won’t be easy, but we’re 100% committed to our mission because we care about the world we live in and the one we leave behind.

Besides that, we are not the only ones to believe in Choco.

Founded in March 2018, we have already raised one of the largest series A of the last 5 years (Total raised $71.5M). We are backed by world leading VCs such as Coatue and Bessemer Venture Partners, as well as startup leaders and entrepreneurs who have built companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Uber, SoundCloud, DropBox, and Delivery Hero.

What about the team in Berlin ?

Berlin is our HQ, where it all began. ?

You can find one of the most driven Engineering and Product teams you will ever meet, all along our hard-working People Operations, Finance and marketing team. Finally, we also have some Global Operations functions that are helping our team all around the world to be the best at what they do!

Here a glimpse to our offices:

What does a Business Developer do at Choco ?

⏩ If you only had to keep few things in mind from that job description: ⏪

Our business developers are the soul of Choco. People hungry for challenges, ready to give everything to reach their objectives which is to improve the habits of thousands of restaurants, one chef at a time.

? The 4 objectives we propose you if you join us : ?

  1. You’ll experience Growth, We believe in hiring from within and retaining top talents so, as the business continues to grow extremely fast, you will be given the opportunity to develop and grow alongside it.
  2. We will give you the ownership of one particular area. Your role is to acquire and extend the Choco user base within this area.
  3. You are the true master of your area. You know per heart every restaurants and every chefs and you make sure that they are 100% satisfied!
  4. Become a true team player by collaborating with the AM team, the product team and the CS team and learn as much as possible from them!

⚙️ Your daily activities will be divided between these different missions: ⚙️

  • You spend most of your days on the field, talking with chefs, entrepreneurs and food lovers.
  • You know how to join the restaurant universe and know how to adapt in this environment.
  • You create a long lasting, trustful relationship with the different stakeholders you talk to.
  • Internally, you know what everything is happening and what challenges everyone is facing and you are ready to help and improve things when required to make the whole team work smarter.

Ready for the challenge ?

? What does it take to perform as a Business Developer at Choco: ?

3 must haves:

  • You will not only learn about sales but, as you will join the most hard-core teams at Choco: our cities Expansion team, you have to be ready to embrace responsibilities and growth, to be able to execute and develop our localised growth plans at record speed.
  • You will study the city you are responsible for, manage your own leads, create your plan of actions and have full ownership of your territory.
  • You are a killer at sales & a natural-born communicator: hustling all day to reach restaurants owners and convert them into engaged users. You can connect with everyone around you and adapt to a diverse audience or potential users.

3 nice to have

  • You are 0% Bullshit: You are data driven and experts on your topics. You are not looking for excuses and you accept your mistakes. You know that being a sales, is first and foremost a mindset.
  • You are 100% Humble: You join us to learn as much as you can. You are not afraid by someone else’s success, on the contrary, it drives you.
  • You are 200% Passionate => You need to give a purpose to your day to day job. What matters the most for you is your user’s success. Your passion is contagious and you love to inspire people around you!

And of course, as we are an international company from the beginning, you are fluent in English ?? on top of being fluent in German ??

Our recruitment process is awaiting you

  1. Resume Screening: we will review your application and send you a message for a first interview or reject your application explaining the reasons.
  2. First interview with a recruiter: This will be the first contact to determine alignements and culture fit.
  3. Interview with one team member: You will have a business case and an in depth interview to check your hard skills mostly.
  4. Interview with the hiring manager for the role: It will be your moment to convince your future manager that you are the right fit for the team.
  5. Last interview with our CEO: Up to 30min to convince our Founder & CEO that you have what it takes to become a Chocorian.
  6. You will receive an offer from us up to 48 hours after the last interview: Welcome ?
  7. A stellar onboarding and the smartest team in the foodspace will be waiting for you ! ?

The entire process should last more or less 2 weeks !

It’s your call now, don’t hesitate to apply!

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