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Daniel Z.

Tax Advisory for Germany and Switzerland (Steuerberatungsgesellschaft)

You are doing business or investment in Germany or Switzerland?

Don’t forget about the taxes and accounting side.
These subjects are definitively not what thrills in being entrepreneur or investor but it belongs to the game. Even more: It costs money if you do not care.

Please contact me for

  • finding the right legal structure for your business / investment,
  • doing the tax planning,
  • doing your accounts or your reporting.
  • computing and filing your tax returns and declarations.

I am Chartered Tax Consultant in Germany, Certified Adviser in International Taxation and also trained in Swiss tax law. I am living in Berlin and Bern.

Our firm has a special expertise in technology / IT driven businesses.

Special Offer: Reduced Price 1st Consultation

You may have questions like

  • Shall I start with a German or Swiss corporation / legal entity?
  • How does it work with German / Swiss VAT?
  • Are there withholding taxes to consider?
  • What is my personal tax burden?

Normally a first consultation would be charged with 180 EUR (plus 19% VAT)


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