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A Certified Executive Coach and Organizational Conflict Resolution Expert that works with diverse teams and executives in the facilitation, moderation, and transformative guidance through difficult individual and organizational conflicts. Supports leaders and organizations alike to grow and enhance their conflict resolution skill toolkit along with training them to become more agile, resilient, and able to handle change and organizational challenges. Provides stakeholder centered coaching for leaders and teams to improve performance and establish a healthy company culture.

All services are possible as:
* Online dispute resolution between parties available via zoom or skype.
* In-company conflict coaching, stakeholder, centered coaching, and leadership development available 1:1 and in groups.

* Training is available in-house in groups, online skype or zoom sessions, or in a pre-recorded webinar.

Let’s make it happen to book a session now athttp://www.epbradley.com!/

English, German, Spanish
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