Club GLOBALS presents

GSTF On Tour Malta

an evening of connection and networking


Dive into an immersive networking experience designed to connect Tech Entrepreneurs with Partners and tools to international expansion.

Engage, Connect, and Collaborate with industry leaders and prepare to scale and expand your business.

📅 Agenda Highlights


 A warm welcome, an insight into Club GLOBALS’ vision, and a nod to our esteemed collaborators.

Local Hub Spotlight

 Dive deep into local initiatives and explore collaboration opportunities.

Ted Talk Style Panel

 Discover , hear success tales, and engage in enlightening discussions.

Open Mic of Collaboration

 A platform for startups to voice their aspirations and for collaborators to find their match.

Lets Connect – Networking ALERT!

 Mingle, connect, and lay the foundation for future collaborations in a relaxed atmosphere while you enjoy some drinks and snacks!

🤝 Why Attend?

  • Global Reach: Explore avenues to access international markets and expand your horizons.
  • Trust Building: Forge meaningful relationships with international partners and collaborators.
  • Spotlight on Innovation: Showcase your groundbreaking ideas to a global audience, amplifying your impact.

🌟 Partnerships That Empower:

  • Collaborate with Local Innovation Hubs driving change.
  • Engage with International Business Chambers opening doors to global markets.
  • Connect with Renowned Startups and Trusted Global Entities that are shaping the future.

🎯 Who Should Attend?

  • Entrepreneurs eager to make their mark on the global stage.
  • Startups with a vision for international growth.
  • Investors scouting for lucrative cross-border ventures.
  • Professionals keen on forging international collaborations.

Friday, 10.05.2024, 18:00 hs

Location: TBA

The GSTF On Tour serves as a series of fun and insightful networking events designed to share the escense of the GLOBAL Sales Tech Festival Barcelona (#GSTF25) across Europe. By stopping in key cities such as Malta, Berlin, Marbella, Davos, Madrid, Valencia, and Lisbon, the tour aims to introduce innovative sales strategies, tools, coaching techniques, and collaboration methodologies in a simple, easy-to-setup, and informal gathering. We invite you to get a taste of what the GLOBAL Sales Tech Festival Barcelona has to offer.

  • Scale to global market
  • Featured Speakers
  • Open Mic to showcase your project
  • Food & drinks
  • Networking Party

🔗 Get your tickets now and be a part of this transformative journey

Join us for in an event that promises not just connections, but collaborations that can redefine the future. Let’s co-create opportunities, foster trust, and shape a global narrative together.

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