Club GLOBALS & e-Residency Presents

Global Growth Forum

an evening of inspiration and networking


Dive into an immersive networking experience designed to connect the dots between local innovation and global markets.

Engage, Connect, and Collaborate with industry leaders and prepare to expand your business.

📅 Agenda Highlights


 A warm welcome from our host Miguel Angel del Pino.

An insight into Club GLOBALS’ vision, and a nod to our esteemed collaborators.

La Farola Spotlight

 Juan Carlos Urbano will dive deep into Andalucia Open Future initiatives.

Explore collaboration opportunities within the Ecosystem.

e-Residency Gateway

 Taiz Coe will make you discover the power of E-Residency.

Hear success tales, make questions and engage in enlightening discussions.

Open Mic of Collaboration

 A platform for startups to voice their aspirations and for collaborators to find their match.

e-Residency Connect (Networking Alert!)

Drinks and food to mingle, connect, and lay the foundation for future collaborations.












Elevate your startup’s potential with the support of a regional ecosystem.

La Farola is Andalucía Open Future‘s startup accelerator in Málaga, offering an environment to make your project more global, robust, and competitive. They provide essential tools, workspace, mentorship, and access to a high-speed digital community. Being part of the Open Future ecosystem means global backing by Telefónica, exclusive events, and networking opportunities. The expert mentors at La Farola will guide you in various fields, ensuring your innovative project thrives. Dive into the heart of Andalucía’s entrepreneurial scene and harness the power of global collaboration.












Scale your business abroad with the simplicity of a digital government

E-residency is a program offered by the Estonian government, which allows non-Estonian residents to establish and manage an EU-based company online.

According to Dealroom’s latest report European VC Pulse Check H1 2022, with $750+ M venture capital raised in the first half of 2022, Estonia remains the European leader in VC investments per capita.

The presenters will be discussing the advantages of e-residency and how it can help you navigate the legal and tax complexities of doing business internationally in the context of Estonia’s thriving startup ecosystem. You will have the opportunity to learn, ask questions, and network with e-Residency experts.

🤝 Why Attend?

  • Global Reach: Explore avenues to access international markets and expand your horizons.
  • Trust Building: Forge meaningful relationships with international partners and collaborators.
  • Spotlight on Innovation: Showcase your groundbreaking ideas to a global audience, amplifying your impact.

🌟 Partnerships That Empower:

  • Collaborate with Local Innovation Hubs driving change.
  • Engage with International Business Chambers opening doors to global markets.
  • Connect with Renowned Startups and Trusted Global Entities that are shaping the future.

🎯 Who Should Attend?

  • Entrepreneurs eager to make their mark on the global stage.
  • Startups with a vision for international growth.
  • Investors scouting for lucrative cross-border ventures.
  • Professionals keen on forging international collaborations.

Tuesday, 24.10.2023, 17:30 hs

Location: La Farola – Andalucia Open Future

The Global growth Forum is designed to be a transformative experience focusing on the power of internationalization and global partnership. It aims to connect local hubs in Malaga, Valencia, and Barcelona with International entities, emphasizing networking, access to global markets, and building trust with partners abroad. The event will serve as a catalyst for fostering international collaborations, enabling local innovations to reach global platforms, and creating a synergy between local and international stakeholders.

  • Scale to global market
  • Featured Speakers
  • Open Mic to showcase your project
  • Food & drinks
  • Networking Party

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