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GLOBALS helps make international life easier by connecting professional expats and global entrepreneurs with recommended jobs, homes, and service providers online and at exclusive events.

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Join our trusted community marketplace to connect with other internationals in Berlin, Barcelona, and other hubs very soon. Let’s work together to build your inner circle!

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Attend our events in Berlin and Barcelona to make in-person connections, find out about relocation services in your area, and hear from many of our professional speakers. This is a great resource if you’re looking to build your social network and mingle with other like-minded individuals! Or be the host at one of our events!

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Whether you’re looking for a job, home, bank account or any other necessities, the GLOBALS directory is the place to look. We have a massive network of trusted contacts to help you settle, plus get tons of special offers!

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We’re here to help internationally-minded people settle into their new cities by connecting them with relocation services and hosting networking events.

Your smart city registration and relocation assistant making bureaucracy simpler and smarter.


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Your city registration assistant.

The smart, simple way to register your new address

Need to register a new address or residence? Look no further than AiRelo!
AiRelo is a smart city chatbot which assists you in completing necessary forms such as the Anmeldung.
It requires no apps, downloads, or signups. All you have to do is message AiRelo on Facebook Messenger or via our web bot and our conversational technology will reply instantly providing you with the information you need to complete the registration process. All you have to do is select your language and city, take a picture of your passport to save time, and answer some simple questions! 

It’s easy, secure and free!

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We connect our members with local service providers, called Solutioners, to help settle down.

Find and add solutions to support English speakers in the city.

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Modern furnished apartment in a central and qui...
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Modern 3 rooms Apartment at Stuckaltbau Berlin ...
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Welcome Day is an event we host annually to welcome newcomers to the city. Think of it as orientation for new Berliners! Here you can connect with our global community and partake in workshops that take in: Business Arena, Relocation Arena, Talents Arena, Education Arena, Lifestyle Arena.

If you join us, you can leave saying “Ich bin ein Berliner!” 

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MWC & 4YFN was It Worth to Attend? All the Insights of the biggest tech event of Europe

Having attended MWC (Mobile World Congress) and 4YFN (4 Years From Now) multiple times, the 2024 edition in Barcelona...

GLOBAL Sales Tech Festival 2024: The event that is becoming a signature+

GLOBAL Sales Tech Festival 2024: The event that is becoming a signature

The GLOBAL Sales Tech Festival 2024 (#GSTF24) is shaping up to be the signature warm-up event of MWC/4YFN, and...

Startup OLÉ is Ready for Takeoff into New Adventures+

Startup OLÉ is Ready for Takeoff into New Adventures

Startup OLÉ is Ready for Takeoff into New Adventures On February 1st, at the iconic Madrid Stock Exchange Palace,...


A: Club GLOBALS is a one-stop platform specializing in services for those transitioning abroad. Our goal is to make life in a new city as easy and stress free as possible! Join our GLOBALS community to connect with other expats, network, and make new friends. We’ve got you covered on the necessities – our GLOBALS Homes and GLOBALS Jobs databases will prove as essential resources as you search for a place to live and work. We go even further by facilitating the bureaucracy of relocation, with customized solutions for anybody who needs it. Take a look at our brand new city registration tool Artificial Intelligence Relocation AiRelo that operates in multiple languages and eases the burden of paperwork. Club GLOBALS is constantly hosting events in the hopes of solidifying the international community – get in touch to see how we can collaborate!

A: Basic Membership is free; with Basic Membership you get access to groups and group directory, trusted contacts, special offers, and events. Premium Membership in addition gives you VIP access, discounts to the exclusive events, and much more. Learn more at

A: To add a new apartment, go to the section “Homes” in the menu, choose “Add Home”, fill out all the suggested fields, and click “Submit”. We will moderate it within next few days and it will become available at

A: To add a new job, go to the section “Jobs” in the menu, choose “Add Job”, fill out all the suggested fields, and click “Submit”. We will moderate it within next few days and it will become available at

A: The Anmeldung is the process of registering your address at the citizen’s office (Bürgeramt). You can fill your registration form in multiple languages using our friendly chatbot AiRelo for free

A: In the section “Directory”, based on the different categories, you can find our partners. Those are the companies that provide services in English. You can find everything, starting with insurances and bank accounts,and finishing with traveling and leisure time solutions. To have been selected, a company must match two criteria: have English speaking employees and provide good services. 


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