Smart City First Tuesday

06mar6:00 pmSmart City First Tuesday


march 6, 2018 6:00 pm(GMT+02:00)

Event Details

 On Tuesday 6 March MHP are hosting the event ‘ First Tuesday’.  Like the name is already suggesting, the event takes place on the first Tuesday of every month. MHP organized the event to network, for startups to pitch their ideas, projects, all related to a specific topic. This month the topic will be Smart City.


The theme ‘ Smart Cities’, allows companies to pitch their product or ideas which are related to this topic. The companies who will be pitching their ideas are Insights, AiRelo, What3words and Motion Tag.



Insights is a company who builds a system to help companies. The system helps executives with professional advice directly from their community. Participants receive precise feedback regarding their personal impact on the decisions. Insights proprietary technology integrates Artificial Intelligence with knowledgeable crowds to turn open-ended answers into strategic insights. They measure the impact of the insights on the final decisions made.


AiRelo is a bot operating through Facebook Messenger. AiRelo helps you fill in the registration form when you go to live in a different city/country, in your own language! It is really easy and straightforward to use, just by sending ‘ Get Started’ they will help you and send you the form with the filled in data. It is quick, easy and available in 10 different languages. When you have received the form by email you can print it and go to the city hall.



What3Words is a system that you can use to navigate. It provides a precise and incredibly simple way to talk about location. They have divided the world into a grid of 3m x 3m squares and assigned each one a unique 3-word address. Their App is precise, simple and unique. You can use it offline and it’s really easy to work with.


Motion Tag

Motion Tag is a startup who developed a system that makes it easy to buy a ticket. The customers of Motion Tag are companies, but those companies can offer the technology to their customers. For example, offers Deutsche Bahn also the app to their customers. For the customer is it easy to use it, and the company as Deutsche Bahn gets a lot of information from the customer.


Those companies will pitch their idea on 6 March. They will share their ideas to develop a smart city with each other. The event is just to network with each other and spread the word of their company. For more information click here.

First Tuesday

Yesterday day it was the day! It was the first Tuesday of March so also time for the event First Tuesday Smart Cities. MHP opened their doors to everybody who wanted to get knowledge about Smart Cities. It was a nice evening. Networking, listening, whilst enjoying a drink and some food. Different startups pitched their concepts. The first company to pitch their idea was Insight, then AiRelo, What3Words and lastly Motion Tag. Every performance was very strong and the speakers answered difficult questions. After the presentations, everyone got together to share knowledge with other startups and visitors.

Above are some pictures of the succesful evening. 



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