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As a new investor or trader, the vast amount of information that’s available can be overwhelming. To help, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 books that we think every trader or investor should read. With these ten books as a foundation, you’ll be able to gain and increase your knowledge at an exponential rate.

These ten books will give you a world of information about Stock and Options Trading, Economic Analysis, Technical Analysis, Real Estate Investing, Day Trading, Futures, and Forex Trading. Learn from the experts how to become successful in these markets.

What are your recommended books?

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Christmas dishes from Around the world Thu, 03 Dec 2020 09:54:19 +0000 The post Christmas dishes from Around the world appeared first on Club GLOBALS.


With travel restrictions and rising coronavirus numbers, getting home for the holidays this year is not an easy option. However, we at Club GLOBALS want you to feel at home! We have collected some of the most famous Christmas dishes from around the world. Maybe you can try recreating them at home or be inspired to put your own spin on these traditional dishes.

1. Christmas Pudding (England)

This dish has many names, figgy pudding, plum pudding, but we think it deserves it’s Christmas title since its name can be a little misleading. This pudding might not be what you expect and indeed there are no plums or figs to be found inside! A classic recipe contains suet, dried fruit, sweet spices and the best part – wine or brandy.

2. Pavlova (Australia and New Zealand)

Christmas in the southern hemisphere is a bit different from Berlin. The warm summer months around Christmas time are often accompanied by Christmas BBQ’s and this amazing dessert dish – Pavlova. This is a fluffy meringue topped with your choice of fresh fruits. Bonus if you can shape the meringue into a festive wreath!

3. Latkes (Israel)

Synonymous with Hanukkah since the Middle Ages, Latkes are fried potato pancakes cooked in oil. These delicious pancakes serve as a reminder that the Second Temple kept the Menorah burning with oil for eight days. These irregular pancakes are made simply with grated potatoes, egg and flour – but don’t forget the oil to fry them!

4. Panettone (Italy)

Italy’s traditional Christmas bread may be confused with North America’s (in our opinion, inferior) fruitcake but the shape of it is iconic! This tall domed bread traditionally has candied fruit, chocolate, raisins and nuts in it but more modern versions can also have nougat or marzipan mixed in. Originally from Northern Italy, this sweet treat has spread all around the world.

5. Seafood (Spain)

No Christmas in Spain would be complete without seafood. While variations are found across the country, the one agreed upon ingredient for any holiday dinner is king prawns. Typically a sign of status, some Spanish families will save all year in order to partake in this special holiday treat.

6. KFC (Japan)

This might seem like a strange Christmas tradition but it’s definitely the easiest to recreate in Berlin! Due to a very successful marketing campaign in the 1970s by a Japanese franchise owner, Kentucky Fried Chicken has become a time honoured Christmas tradition for many families in Japan. So pick up a bucket and don’t feel guilty about not cooking!

7. Christmas Goose (Germany)

Stuffed with apples, chestnuts, onions and prunes, this goose is slightly different from the usual Turkey on top of tables in the United States. Served with red cabbage, dumplings, gravy and sauerkraut – we can’t think of a better traditional Christmas dish to eat while here in Germany!

We hope that this has inspired you to make Christmas a little more special this year. However, even if you are a terrible cook or end up burning the dinner you made for your WG – there’s always Lieferando! Which will deliver you some delicious meals in no time. Take advantage of letting someone else cook and look forward to not doing the dishes this holiday season! That should make it feel extra special indeed.

What traditional dish will you be missing this year? Share in the comments below!

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The Best Advent Calendars to Count Down to Christmas Thu, 26 Nov 2020 14:42:42 +0000 The post The Best Advent Calendars to Count Down to Christmas appeared first on Club GLOBALS.


Christmas is fast approaching and what better way to keep track of the endless coronavirus days than to treat yourself to a fun new item each day.

Partake in one of the greatest German Christmas traditions – the Advent Calendar!

In true Club GLOBALS spirit, we have the best picks for original and creative Advent Calendars to choose from. Order now and save on Amazon’s Black Friday deals!


Image by Ulrike Mai from Pixabay

Advent Calendar

Image by Gerhard G. from Pixabay

Beer Advent Calendar

If coronavirus won’t let you travel this season, use your tastebuds instead! Pick up this 24 pack of beer and taste the beers of the world from your living room. Write a blog about your experiences and tag your friends – you may just find a new favourite type of beer, and maybe some new friends!

Erotic Advent Calendar

Even if you don’t go to church every Advent Sunday, you may find yourself lighting candles to open up this calendar! After so many months of wearing sweat pants, reignite the flame with your partner by getting this fun and sexy Advent Calendar! Every Advent Sunday a new window holds a fun and exciting experience for you both. Get it now, thank us later.

Organic Food Advent Calendar

This Calendar is perfect for those looking to stay healthy this year. Explore new delicious flavours each day and feel good about your holiday indulgences! Each window gives you 24 healthy snack surprises to open up as we approach December 25. Additionally, these calendars are reusable, so fill them up again with new treats next year!

Grow Your Own Garden Advent Calendar

This Advent Calendar is for anyone with a green thumb. Each window gives you a surprise variety of seeds, fruits, vegetables and herbs, to grow at home. In a year with such hardship, watching these little plants grow could be a great way to foster hope and life coming into 2021.

American Treasures Advent Calendar

For all those from North America who aren’t able to travel home this year – pick up this Advent Calendar and get all the surprises and treats that you miss from abroad.

What one did you get? Comment below!

Everyone here at Club GLOBALS wishes you happy holidays and that you stay safe and healthy!

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Finding Affordable Health Insurance in Germany to Work, Study, and Live Fri, 20 Nov 2020 08:47:57 +0000 The post Finding Affordable Health Insurance in Germany to Work, Study, and Live appeared first on Club GLOBALS.


Germany boasts a highly praised and well rounded health insurance system that is essentially comprised of three different parts. There is the Public Health Insurance System (GKV), the Private (PKV) and the Expat Health Insurance System. To qualify for either of the three options, you have to meet certain requirements. These can be anything from your visa status,  your job situation, as well as the amount of money you earn.

Regardless, health insurance is absolutely mandatory for all residents of Germany. 

Figuring out your best option is an important task! We’ve put together an article highlighting some of the best insurance options within Germany.

Public Health Insurance

If you are a regular employee earning under €62,550 per year, a student under the age of 30, or an EU citizen that is a freelancer/self-employed then we strongly recommend TK as your health insurance provider.

TK is regularly awarded as the No. 1 healthcare provider in Germany and it is clear why.

A quick, online sign-up process can get you insured within two days. All service and documentation is performed completely in English. And most importantly, it meets all the requirements for a Work Visa, EU Blue Card and the Student Visa.

Students benefit from a reduced price and can expect to pay roughly around €105 euros per month depending on their age. Employees can expect the standard 14.6% of their salary, with half paid by the employer.

Use our sign-up link and get insured today!

For those looking for an alternative, check out Barmers as an equally high-quality provider in Public Health Insurance.

Private Health Insurance

For employees earning a high salary and for freelancers failing to qualify for Public Health Insurance, Private Health Insurance is also a great option to consider.

Ottonova doubles as a private health insurance provider, meeting all the requirements for a Freenlance Visa and providing full support in English 24/7.

Feather’s also has a brokerage service where they play matchmaker with you and a trusted Private Health provider.

In both cases, the cost will be dependent on your overall risk profile in respect to your health. Factors such as how old you are or any existing health conditions.

Expat Health Insurance

Those just recently moved to Germany as a Job Seeker, a Working-Holidayer, Non-EU Citizens who are freelancers/self-employed, MiniJob employees, and German-Language school students do not qualify for the Public Health Insurance system. This leaves Expat Health Insurance as the best option.

Feather’s is an extremely affordable option that meets all visa requirements while providing a high standard of medical care. Everything is also done in English, making it the perfect choice! The monthly fee comes out to just about €70 a month.

Other up-to-standard options to consider are Ottonova and Foyers.

Need Help?

Choosing a suitable insurance provider in Germany is an important choice! It can be overwhelming at times, so feel free to contact us with any questions or consultation needed.

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Berlin’s most desirable neighborhoods to live in Fri, 13 Nov 2020 14:25:18 +0000 Moving to Berlin starts with finding an apartment. Choosing which of Berlin's uniquely distinct neighborhoods to settle down in is as important a consideration as any!

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Ah, to live in Berlin. The capital of Germany is a bustling metropolis welcoming any and all who dare to call her home. Known for an open mentality, a top-notch nightlife scene, and home to a thriving start-up atmosphere, Berlin is an enticing choice to settle down in.

One of the key steps in doing so? Finding a place to live. The housing shortage in Berlin combined with the intricacies of German bureaucracy can make house hunting a headache. In an attempt to alleviate some of the stress, GLOBALS Homes features some of the best apartments in the city.

Choosing just where to live in Berlin is an important choice! The charm of Berlin is the different worlds that can be found depending on the neighborhood you happen to be in. Read on as we highlight three of Berlin’s most desirable neighborhoods – and the apartments that will let you call them home!


Just East of Mitte lies the quiet district of Lichtenberg. At first glance it can seem far removed from the vibrant and historic center of Berlin but don’t let that fool you!

In just 15 minutes you can arrive at Alexanderplatz. Strolling through this quiet suburb, its free from the broken glass and hipsters that crowd Kreuzberg and Neukölln’s busy streets.

Within 20 minutes from the Lichtenburg S+U station you can travel back in time and visit the historic former Stasi Headquarters, or travel to Vietnam and step inside the Dong Xuan Center, an Asian market with over 150 stalls. You can also visit one of East Berlin’s most famous attractions, Tierpark, a large zoo where animals have free roam and gives residents an amazing green space in the center of the district. Lichtenberg is a trending gem in Berlin, get here fast!

Modern apartments in Berlin Lichtenberg
Einbecker Straße 45 , Berlin, Berlin-Lichtenberg 10315, Germany
Square Meters
3-rooms apartment in new building with kitchen,...
Allee der Kosmonauten 25A , Berlin, Berlin 10315, Germany
Square Meters
Home Price
2-rooms apartment in new building, fitted kitch...
Allee der Kosmonauten 25A , Berlin, Berlin 10315, Germany
Square Meters
Home Price
1 room studio: new building, built in kitchen, ...
Allee der Kosmonauten 25A , Berlin, Berlin 10315, Germany
Square Meters
Home Price
Modern furnished apartment in a central and qui...
Bleckmannweg , Berlin, Berlin 10367, Germany
Square Meters
Home Price


Mitte means “center” or “middle” in German and you can bet that if you live in Mitte you can reach anywhere in Berlin’s city limits very easily. Not only are you well connected with transit, but the multiple bars, restaurants and cafes are not just there for the tourists.

Grab a craft beer around Torstrasse, visit the Berlin Wall Memorial or catch a show at Babylon Berlin or the Volksbühne and discover that thriving Mitte is the heartbeat of the city and one of the best districts to live in.

For Sale: Unoccupied 1-room apartment at Alexan...
Mollstraße 3A , Berlin, Berlin, Mitte (Mitte) 10178, Germany
Square Meters
Home Price
For Sale: Unoccupied 2-room apartment at Alexan...
Mollstraße 3A , Berlin, Berlin, Mitte (Mitte) 10178, Germany
Square Meters
Home Price
For Sale: 3-room apartment at Alexanderplatz
Mollstraße 2 , Berlin, Berlin, Mitte (Mitte) 10178, Germany
Square Meters
Home Price
Shared apartment - furnished private room with ...
Heidestraße 19A , Berlin, Berlin 10557, Germany
Square Meters
Home Price
High quality 2 rooms flat in Mitte for rent, ne...
Lehrter Str. 24b , Berlin, Berlin 10557, Germany
Square Meters
Home Price
Mitte - 12 Floor - Furnished 1 room flat with f...
Lehrter Str. 24 , Berlin, Berlin 10557, Germany
Square Meters
Home Price


Discover all the colours of Berlin within one district. Famous since the 1920s for its vibrant LGBTQ+ scene, Schöneberg really has something for everyone.

You can browse the latest trends at the famous KaDeWe (Kaufhaus Des Westens), one of the largest department stores in Europe. For nature lovers there is the protected biological park Schöneberger Südgelände, a nature reclaimed WWII rail yard and just in the district limits is Templehofer Field, the airport-turned-public-park, where you can catch the best sunsets in the city.

Furnished Studio with balcony in Tempelhof-Schö...
Malteserstraße 148 , Berlin, Berlin 12277, Germany
Square Meters
Home Price
Comfortable furnished 3 rooms apartment for ren...
Ringbahnstrasse 70 , Berlin, TEMPELHOF-SCHOENEBERG 12099, Germany
Square Meters
Home Price
Comfortable furnished 5 rooms apartment for ren...
Ringbahnstrasse 70 , Berlin, TEMPELHOF-SCHOENEBERG 12099, Germany
Square Meters
Home Price
Bright furnished 3 rooms apartment in Tempelhof
Ringbahnstraße 70 , Berlin, Berlin 12099, Germany
Square Meters
Home Price
Bright furnished 2 rooms apartment in Tempelhof
Ringbahnstrasse 70 , Berlin, Berlin 12099, Germany
Square Meters
Home Price
Beautiful 3 rooms apartment fully furnished in ...
Mariendorfer Damm 47 , Berlin, Berlin 12109, Germany
Square Meters
Home Price

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What kind of financial help is Germany providing for businesses during lockdown? Mon, 09 Nov 2020 12:59:36 +0000 The post What kind of financial help is Germany providing for businesses during lockdown? appeared first on Club GLOBALS.


The self-proclaimed “Lockdown Light” during the month of November in an attempt to curb the rise of Covid cases has brought a halt to a large number of businesses throughout Germany. In an attempt to compensate for the economic damage, Merkel and company have designed a relief package depending on the nature of your business. It can be overwhelming to sift through the qualifications and criteria – read on for a simple overview of what is available for you and your business, with a focus on companies based in Berlin.

If you are a small or medium-sized business

The 10 billion euro program allows for those directly affected by the lockdown to claim up to 75% of their November 2019 turnover. Those remaining open but can prove that 80% of their revenues come from the businesses that are shut down will also qualify for financial aid. There is a cap of 1 million euros to be claimed per business.

If you are a start-up/venture capital firm (in Berlin!)

Those based out of Berlin since March 11th, 2020 or earlier may qualify for significant funding from the IBB. If the company has potential for high growth in the technological or creative scene then the different loan options to be used towards investment or running costs could be of a huge help. The help could come in the form of anywhere from 200,000 – 800,000 euros. Find out more on the website.

If you are self-employed

Self-employed individuals are subject to the same compensation as those of small and medium sized firms. However, if there was little turnover in November 2019, the self-employed are given the option of using their average weekly turnover in 2019 instead as a comparison mark.

Useful Links

In such difficult times finding the available resources to stay afloat can be the real difference maker. We are attaching various articles and links below that can prove as useful to many out there:

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Networking Reinvented: GLOBALS Event @Sky Lounge & Live RECAP Mon, 19 Oct 2020 11:21:46 +0000 The post Networking Reinvented: GLOBALS Event @Sky Lounge & Live RECAP appeared first on Club GLOBALS.


This past Thursday marked a night of innovation and inspiration as entrepreneurs from around the globe gathered virtually to discuss an exciting concept: Networking Reinvented. The opening event of the hybrid GLOBALS events series did not disappoint as experts in their respective fields launched into discussions centering around the changing landscape of networking and the trends of modern selling. Playing host and chair to the heated discussions was our very own founder and CEO, Mario Paladini, with moderator Louisa Madders giving warm welcomes to all those attending.


As if there wasn’t already enough excitement leading up to the conference, our founder, Mario Paladini, decided to unveil the launching of his brand-new website: In doing so, he exemplified and foreshadowed an extremely relevant practicality on the notion of Networking Reinvented, shifting his very own networking methods to a business boot service. 

The website launch and introduction worked to set the tone and to open the door into engaging discussions as the first panel of the night began.


Who better to kick off the first panel centering around Networking Reinvented than Niko Woischnik (Founder, Tech Open Air) and Octavio Pitaluga (Chief Networking Officer, TaqTaq/TEN Clube) joining virtually from the U.S. and Brazil respectively. In house, at the Club GLOBALS Skylounge, were Cem Ergün-Müller (Head of Digital Open Space/Founder, Startupnight), Michael Chaffe (VP, Wolves Summit) and of course, Mario Paladini. Together, the varying ranges of expertise provoked meaningful, stimulating discussion that outlined the prospective new shape that Networking could form. 

It is without question that having an internet presence and the role of technology in networking has been a significant aspect of networking for a long time now. However, the ensuing of the COVID-19 pandemic has only propelled what was already a shift towards a techno-centered approach in the field. This left conference members to discuss the ever-fading role of in-person communication when faced with the pandemic, analyze its role as we move forward, and in essence, evaluate the hybrid-method that they themselves took part in during the evening.

Networking Reinvented - Club GLOBALS

When asked about the hybrid version of Networking, both Chaffe and Ergün-Müller mentioned the two-sided nature of each method. Chaffe acknowledged the importance of “the digital aspects of value creation” while also seeing “small personal gatherings” as integral to the process. Agreeing with his counterpart on the wide range of advantages and disadvantages between the two methods, Ergün-Müller concluded with what he believed as the critical foundation of networking regardless of platform: “(the willingness) to leave your comfort zone and try things out”. 

Our own founder was passionate in highlighting technology as a tool to “fast-forward relationships” with Woischnik supporting this notion as he recognized the usefulness of the internet in combating what would have been even more drastic consequences during the pandemic if not for the internet. 

Despite the conversation taking various, insightful turns, the speakers seemed to find common ground in highlighting the core of a hybrid format of networking:

 1). Technology as a powerful and efficient tool 2). The necessity to maintain a personal facet of connecting.


As the conversation shifted towards its second leg of Modern Selling, we welcomed with it a new panel joining us globally. Comprising this panel was Ramzi Musa (Head of GB Digital Demand SAP) and Olimpia Hordynski (Founder/CEO, Women in Sales Network) and Mario Paladini. 

The interconnectedness of the topics of the first and second panel was immediately highlighted by Musa as she remarked that ”even online, people buy from people and therefore the networking aspect is very important”. She then went on to expertly highlight the distinction between what is usually believed to be synonymous terms in Sales and Business Development.

Insightfully, she acknowledges sales as a short-term reaching consequence, whereas the latter is more of a long-term effect. By doing so, Musa sparks the connection between networking and the longevity of a company’s success, bringing with it questions of how reinventing one’s networking during the new age can prove to be vital. 

Moving forward in the discussions towards the problems being faced in the world of sales, Hordynski clearly outlined the numbers of a long-lasting issue: Gender Equality within Sales. Hordynski acknowledges progress, noting that while females are only comprising 35-40% of the industry, that is much more to show than in years past. However, there is still progress to be made, with a bright spot being that 70% of people asked by Hordynski have stated that there needs to be more women in Sales.

Mario Paladini soon after expertly connected how the current situation of today’s pandemic could actually prove advantageous in the progression of gender equality. Paladini indicates the business world’s shift towards the virtual office as a movement providing leeway for women to enter the workforce – a promising thought. 

Regardless, the second panel complemented the first in an extremely insightful way, highlighting further the segways into progress being offered in what is a changing Networking landscape. 

Networking Reinvented - Club GLOBALS

It can be said that there is little better of a way to wrap up a conference on the theory of reinventing networking than to carve some time for networking ourselves! We brought in some real fun in the form of famous Polish magician Y Dzięgielewski. His phenomenal and lighthearted acts of magic provided the perfect bridge as attendees of the conference transitioned into a time of personal conversation filled with drinks and relaxation.


Also, we had the opportunity to interview three of the speakers at the event. Check the talks at GLOBALS TV on the YouTube channel.

Michael Chaffe Interview for


Olimpia Hordynski Interview for


Ramzi Musa Interview for


With another lovely, thought-provoking night concluded at our Club GLOBALS Skylounge, we would like to thank all those who made it possible. From our sponsors and our speakers, to our virtual and in-person teams, and to the fantastic magician  Dzięgielewski, we have taken one step further in our goal of Networking Reinvention! 

Networking Reinvented - Club GLOBALS

The hybrid series continues to move forward, and quickly too! As soon as November 5th, we at Club GLOBALS will be hosting another event centering on a different contemporary topic with new speakers taking part. Subscribe to our newsletter to know all the details. 

Stay tuned! 


and… What are your networking tips???

Networking Reinvented - Club GLOBALS

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Online Entertainment Fri, 09 Oct 2020 16:50:46 +0000 Are you tired of scrolling mindlessly through social media to pass the time? Have you already watched everything on Netflix? As the weather gets colder and quarantine measures are keeping us at home, we at Club GLOBALS want to prepare you for the second wave by giving you some ideas for online entertainment.  We know that you have spent hours […]

The post Online Entertainment appeared first on Club GLOBALS.

Are you tired of scrolling mindlessly through social media to pass the time? Have you already watched everything on Netflix? As the weather gets colder and quarantine measures are keeping us at home, we at Club GLOBALS want to prepare you for the second wave by giving you some ideas for online entertainment. 

We know that you have spent hours at home the last few months, why not do something different, something fun. The internet has exploded with virtual entertainment to keep us occupied during the Corona crisis. From virtual tours, to classical concerts, to endlessly changing your zoom background for your colleagues’ entertainment, the internet is working tirelessly to keep us entertained in these strange times. We’ve rounded up some of the best entertainment you can find.

  1. Stream something new

First off, if you are tired of Netflix, you should try the German/Austrian streaming site For 12,50 euros per month (or 15,00 euros without an annual subscription) you can have access to some of HBO’s best series including Game of Thrones and Westworld. They have also recently partnered with Netflix to offer access to Netflix content for 20,00 euros a month. 

     2. Stroll around the city

If you are missing the city of Berlin and the ability to stand right on top of history, has created a virtual experience of the city. Check out the most famous monuments like the Brandenburg Gate, the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, the Victory Column and more – right from the comfort of your own bed. Virtual reality gives us the ability to experience and share the sites of Berlin with everyone! Bonus: There are no tourists standing in your way!

Image by suesun from Pixabay

     3. Learn something about your city

Speaking of virtual Berlin experiences, this next one is for those history buffs out there. is supporting the initiative “Digital Experience of 75 years end of war” marking the anniversary of the end of WWII. In this augmented reality experience you will be able to explore Berlin in May 1945 and hear testimonies and information provided by the accompanying podcast. All this is available for free in 2020 marking 75 years since the end of the war.

    4. Visit Museums 

The Staatliche Museen zu Berlin have also offered virtual experiences for many of its collections. All you need to do is download the Google Arts and Culture app and you can go to the Altes Museum, the Bode Museum, the Neues Museum and our favourite, the Pergamonmuseum. If you are tired of peering around others to see the iconic bust of Nefertiti, this experience is for you!

Image by HeikoAL from Pixabay

    5. Get Classical 

The Berliner Philharmoniker is also offering free online concerts for you to watch at home. Why not get dressed up with your partner/your roommates/your parents and have a night in listening to Beethoven’s symphony no. 7. It may even spark you to buy tickets to help support these cultural events when they open up again in the future! 

    6. Have some fun

If you have kids at home you might want to visit the lego website. They offer a range of child-friendly videos and games to keep them occupied while you try to hold a zoom meeting in your kitchen. And if you don’t have children, instead of rewatching Gilmore Girls for the third time, it’s a great way to blow off some steam and have some fun!

    7. DAZN – live and on demand sport streaming 

If you love watching sports, subscribe to DAZN for only 9,99 euros a month. You will have access to watch all MotoGP, Premier League, Turkish Airlines EuroLeague and some matches of Copa del Rey exclusively live on the DAZN platform. The only thing you will be missing are the crowds and the overpriced beer. 

Image by dawnfu from Pixabay

    8. Virtual DJs

The Coronavirus pandemic has especially hit the clubbing scene. Expected to remain closed for the next little while, clubs have been trying to reinvent themselves as art spaces and beer gardens. But if you are missing that feeling of hearing some great tracks and dancing the night away, the Berlin club commission has also started the donation-based United We Stream initiative which helps promote local talent while giving you the opportunity to dance around in your room in your underwear. 

    9. Read 

Finally, everything has gone digital these days, even reading! Follow and subscribe to Grü, the top online magazine for startups and the digital economy.

Of course while watching all this online, you might need to upgrade your speaker system for the full at home experience. Try the Bose SoundLink Home Speaker, with a sleek compact design, Bluetooth connection and up to 12 hours of playtime. In the words of Jake Peralta from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, this will turn your lockdown into a pop-and-lock-down. 


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Wolves Summit 12th Edition Summary Fri, 09 Oct 2020 09:53:22 +0000 The post Wolves Summit 12th Edition Summary appeared first on Club GLOBALS.


For those of you who are still unacquainted with the opportunities eastern Europe holds for start-ups, scale-ups and investors, the Wolves Summit, in all its excellence, offers them the occasion to network, connect and match with each other all the while the 2-day conference runs full speed on business and innovation. Of course, this year begets a completely different setting, rendering the Wolves Summit’s 12th edition as the first to go completely hybrid. 

Hosted in the opulent Palace of Culture and Science, a gift bestowed upon the Polish nation under Stalin’s rule, this year’s summit was unlike any other. Although 250 in-person attendees were present, the commodious palace seemed largely vacant – as one would expect amidst a global pandemic. Quite the opposite was the online climate where, because of the hybrid setting, 850 attendees connected from all around the world were able to partake in the 2-day concentrated programme.

The Main Stage at the Palace of Culture and Science

The main stage at the Palace of Culture and Science

This edition’s main theme: collaborate to innovate. Experts, business leaders and founders stemming from both the start-up and corporate scene, as well as academics and government officials came together to discuss trending topics and areas for opportunity created by the pandemic. Although a majority of the panels took place fully virtually, the opinions conveyed were by no means less dynamic. On the contrary, with discussions ranging from insights on how to make it as an entrepreneur to the democratization of space, the speakers were ever more engaged.  

“Sales and Acquisition in CEE Based on
Decades of Experience at Microsoft”.
From left to right: Robin Wauters, Co-Founder,; Justin Alderson, Technical Lead, One Commercial Partner Group, CEE Microsoft.

“The State of Tech in CEE”.
From left to right: Josef Seidl, Co-Founder & Managing Director, INNOSPOT GmbH; John Courtney, Founder & CEO, Boardroom Advisors; William de Gale, Portfolio Manager, BlueBox Wealth Management; Michał Kramarz, Head of Google for Startups, CEE.

A flagship topic was the investor landscape in the CEE region and the involvement of larger corporations such as Google and Microsoft, how they support local start-ups impacted by the pandemic, and how opportunities resulted from it. 

Throughout the summit, GLOBALS TV sought to interview key individuals who were on site and their role and contribution to the Wolves summit. Wiktoria Przybylska, Head of Start-ups in Poland, shares her insights from Microsoft’s perspective:

Other topics covered were targeted towards founders, for instance those pursuing expansion outside of the CEE region such as the United Kingdom, as Bartosz Kozinski outlines: «When a company from Poland for example sets up in the UK, it becomes a British entity. And when a company has a global vision, the embassies around the world are tasked to support British companies in introducing a product or service.»

“How to Scale Up your Startup Globally via the UK” Bartosz Kozinski,
Director Foreign Direct Investment DIT, British Embassy.

In addition to the different panels, the Wolves Summit enables 1:1 matchmaking sessions where startups and investors can meet and match. This year, a total of 2088 sessions ensued, both virtually and physically, during which 639 start-ups and scale-ups had the opportunity to meet with a total of 158 investors, as well as 235 corporates and executives.

The Main Hall and One of the Many 1:1 Matchmaking Areas.

Club GLOBALS had a Virtual Booth as Well.

Another highlight was the Great Pitch Contest. 50 tech startups were selected from a wide number of applicants throughout the regions, and after having defended their business concept in front of selected jury members, only 3 winners would walk away, with prizes going from brand awareness to receiving €50K in funding.
In third place came Ligence, a tech-med startup which designed an AI able to scan a human heart. Car Scanner which, as the name suggests, scans cars automatically for parking and damages, came out 2nd place. The winner of the Wolves Summit’s 12th edition Great Pitch Contest was Nutrix, another tech-med startup which uses nanosensors placed on the patient’s tooth to monitor glucose levels.

1st place: Nutrix

2nd place: Car Scanner

3rd place: Ligence

Keeping the best for the end, the 12th edition of the Wolves Summit initially started with the investor’s evening hosted at the Trend House in Warsaw’s renowned Cambridge Innovation Centre. A select number of people including investors, business partners, speakers and organizers were invited to take part in the opening ceremony, which consisted of a reception and a panel discussion. As Master of Ceremony to introduce the evening and its speakers was Mario Paladini, Founder and CEO of Club GLOBALS.

Moderated by Rafal Celej, Partner at Kondracki Celej, the topics covered were the venture capital scene for start-ups in the CEE region, innovation and the impact of COVID-19 on business. On the latter, as Rafal briefly introduced the topic, he stated that “the result of the pandemic is not as dramatic as everyone thought.” 

Filip Debowski, Trend House Programme Manager, apprised the audience on Trend House’s role for innovation and the means necessary to secure a sustainable future, considering the external changes affecting businesses at this time. 

All the way from Brussels joined Robin Wauters, Founder at, who is primarily covering the European tech industry. He discussed how Europe is falling behind compared to the U.S. and China in both growth and investment in tech start-ups, but that Europe’s strength lies in its talent from across the industries. However, the main issues Europe faces are the pace at which products emanate from the R&D department onto the market, as well as the level of expertise talents have specifically in the digital and entrepreneurial fields.
James Hughes, Minister-Counsellor for Economic Affairs at the British Embassy in Warsaw, joined online and briefly talked about the investor’s benefits in the U.K.
This was followed by the keynote speaker, Diana Alice Florescu, Managing Partner at Grai, who presented her view on venture capital for corporations and startups and the approach for being successful.

As the panel discussion evolved, varying perspectives were considered regarding the impact the pandemic had on business.

Paulina Białek, Director at Expara VC: “A lot of industries are affected by the pandemic and they are struggling. They have to pivot to address the problem of the pandemic.”

Noemi Malska, Executive Board Member at 300Brains: “During the pandemic, FinTechs still kept their budget because they were afraid, and they didn’t use their budget for business development.”

Kinga Stanislawska, Managing Partner and Co-Founder at Experior VC: “There are businesses that just can’t survive the crisis, those can’t change their business models. There are groups of startups which do amazingly well in COVID times (…) and these are local players.”

Robert Lugowski, CEO at Cobin Angels: “Angel investing is part of the VC market. At the end of Q2-Q3, we observed a recovery and of course the Russians were behind this; they invested in portfolio startups. There are no direct investment skills (in Poland), but still, the investment is there.»

GLOBALS TV compiled a number of interviews both at the investor’s evening and during the Wolves Summit. Below you’ll find a playlist we put together.  

This Wolves Summit’s 12th edition has been a truly unique experience, especially due to its hybrid setting. Club GLOBALS would like to thank the organizers who have put so much effort into rendering this a successful event for both the offline and online scene, and we would also like to thank those who were able to make it both in-person and virtually.
We are very much looking forward to the Wolves Summit’s 13th edition planned for March 2021.


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Health Resources for English-Speaking Expats in Berlin Fri, 02 Oct 2020 16:59:49 +0000 Alright, so you’ve moved to a new country. You’ve found a home, you’ve got a job, and you have a great group of friends. Things are going great. And while we wish that things could stay this way, it often doesn’t. One day you just might witness a horrible accident (probably while waiting for the M41 bus) – or worse, […]

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Alright, so you’ve moved to a new country. You’ve found a home, you’ve got a job, and you have a great group of friends. Things are going great. And while we wish that things could stay this way, it often doesn’t. One day you just might witness a horrible accident (probably while waiting for the M41 bus) – or worse, this accident happens to you. Now what? 

Emergency numbers 

First off, if there is a serious emergency or accident call for help. 

112  for medical emergencies
110 for a police emergency  

If this is a non-life threatening situation you can call +49 30 4664-4664 and speak with an English dispatcher who will help you with your current situation. If you need to see a doctor for a non-life threatening situation on weekends or holidays you can call 116 117, although it’s harder to find English-speakers on this line – so maybe grab a German friend to help you.

For contact numbers for other specific emergencies such as poisoning, child services, and up-to-date coronavirus measures, has all this information. 

You can find all travel related information about quarantine and coronavirus here. 

Get Insurance 

The next thing you need to be equipped with is health insurance. If you are studying, working, or living in Germany, health insurance is mandatory. The common health insurance covers you for general check-ups, emergency hospital visits and overnight stays and even sometimes prescriptions.

There are several options for German health insurance and it can be quite confusing. This is explained in another post. But simply, you have the choice between public and private insurance and each has its benefits and drawbacks. Keep in mind your employer usually covers the majority (if not all) of your health insurance costs. Freelancers, sorry, but this cost is left up to you.

One of the best rated health insurances in Germany is Techniker Krankenkasse, better known as TK. They have great customer service and quick response time and in the last years have started offering services in English. Get started with TK here

Additionally, Ottonova has brought health insurance in Germany into the future. With a completely digital base and English service specifically for expats, this insurance can help you get you exactly the coverage you need for your employment status and visa requirements. 

Finally, Foyer Global Health is a global health insurance company that provides best-in-class health coverage for expats all over the world. They offer an unlimited duration of cover and pre-existing conditions can be included after a risk assessment. This can be hard to get with German health insurance companies which makes Foyer Global Health a great choice. 

Doctors who speak English

Nobody likes going to the doctor. Especially in a country that doesn’t speak your language. Thankfully Berlin is full of English-speaking doctors and there are many databases to find one that is close to you. The site allows you to filter by specialty, district, and language.  

Doctena is a database that not only allows you to search for doctors by language and area but even shows you available appointment slots so you can get booked in right away.

If you still can’t find what you are looking for, it’s generally a good idea to look at your embassy’s website. They often have a list of recommended doctors, however, it is not usually the most up to date. 

The Appointment

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

If you have ever tried to get an appointment in Germany with a doctor as a new foreign national you have definitely heard these words “Wir nehmen keine neuen Kunden auf” or “Unser nächster verfügbarer Termin ist in zwei Monaten.” Many doctor offices say that they are not accepting new clients or the next available appointment is weeks or months away. By the time you actually get in to see the doctor, maybe your problem has cleared up on its own – or gotten worse. The best way around this is to look for places with Sprechstunde or a consultation hour where you can show up without an appointment. Be prepared to wait but this is the best way to see a doctor immediately for an issue you may have. It also gives you some great time to study, so bring your German notebook with you and maybe next time you see the doctor you will be able to communicate in German!

Some German words and phrases to get you by when dealing with the health authorities include:

Artz/Ärztin – Doctor

Termin – Appointment

Sitzplatz/Wartezimmer – Waiting room
Notfall – Emergency
Unfall – Accident

Ich brauche ein Rezept – I need a prescription 

Es ist ein Notfall/es ist dringend – It’s an emergency

Ich habe Schmerzen – I’m in pain

Ich habe keinen Termin, würde aber gerne zum Arzt gehen. Ich werde warten. – I don’t have an appointment but I would like to see the doctor. I will wait. 

But it’s SUNDAY!

If you haven’t noticed already, Germans like to keep Sunday’s quiet. This means that many doctors are closed and some even have limited hours during the week. If you need to see a doctor on the weekends for a non-life threatening emergency call 116 117 for a non-emergency doctor on call. This number works all over German and the line is open 24/7 including evenings, weekends, and public holidays. 

Additionally, if you urgently need medication or a prescription you can find an emergency pharmacy that is open outside of regular working hours (and even on Sunday) by calling 22 8 33 from a mobile phone (however, calls cost 69 cents per minute). Alternatively you can find this information online at Apothekerkammer Berlin which lists the pharmacies closest to you. Finally, the Medios Apotheke on Oranienburger Tor is open daily from 7-midnight and the pharmacy at Hauptbahnhof on the first floor at the Europaplatz exit is open 24 hours.  Keep in mind that emergency pharmacies will be locked, so you must ring the bell and the pharmacist will fill your prescription while you wait outside on the sidewalk. 

If you are unable to physically get to a pharmacy, Bodfeld-Apotheke has been voted the “best online pharmacy 2018” and offers 500,000 products which can be delivered right to your door. They have great customer service and are trusted by over 28,000 users in Germany. Use this link to save 1 euro off of your next prescription delivery.

Stay healthy out there and if you have found an English-speaking doctor which has provided great service for you, comment below!

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