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Coco Mat (Google)
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Sleep on Nature by Coco Mat
Sleep on nature by COCO mat
Sleep on Nature
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Zur Westpier 3, 28755 Bremen, Germany
3 Zur Westpier Bremen Bremen 28755 DE


Established in 1989, COCO-MAT today is a recognized leader for natural sleep products, bed linen, towels and furniture for homes and hotels. We have a growing network of stores in now 12 countries and are proud to supply customers anywhere in the world.

We are committed to manufacturing the best beds in the world in the most sustainable way possible. COCO-MAT beds consist of multiple layers of natural materials, providing optimal, elastic support to the human body, without the use of metal springs.

All our products are made from natural materials from renewable sources, such as coconut fibre, natural rubber, wool, cotton, sea grass, horsehair, silk, linen, wood and goose down.

COCO-MAT doesn`t have only best sleeping systems, but also pillows, bed linen, furniture and accessories.

Our store in Berlin ist quiet unique, because as a “Shop-in-shop” in addition to our excellent COCO-MAT items, we have also a wide range of other different products and pieces from well known greek brands and designers:

– ZEUS & DIONE, a high quality fashion & Lifestyle brand, inspired by the hellenic heritage

– KORRES, a natural cosmetic line

– 157+173 DESIGNERS, modern lighting in many different forms and shapes

– IKTINOS MARMARON, marble creations in minimalistic forms and shapes

– CITRUS, producer of fine greek sweets

– TSANOS, traditional greek bakery

– PENTHEROUDAKIS, producer of finest jewelery since 1948

– DOLLY BOUCOYANNIS, designer of elegant jewelery creations

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Coco Mat 5 years ago
Sleep on Nature by Coco Mat 5 years ago
Sleep on nature by COCO mat 5 years ago
Sleep on Nature 5 years ago
Coco Mat (Google) 5 years ago
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