Wrocław, Duńska 9
9 Duńska Wrocław Województwo dolnośląskie 54-427 PL
+48 575 244 000+48 575 244 000
+48 575 244 000+48 575 244 000

Dynamic, young team of programmers from Wrocław, Poland. This sentence describes us best. We love developing startup companies. Our speciality is creating web and mobile solutions on demand.

If you’ve got the Startup project to do, we are the right people who will make it happen. If you’re VC company/Investor we will make your Startup MVP and guarantee to develop the future version of it.

We’ve got:

  1. Almost 100 men strong web and mobile devs team divided into two companies
  2. Marketing agencies with an international experience working with us
  3. Start-up projects to develop and we’re helping to find VC support for them.

Just sent the email on dobroslaw.duszynski@look4app.eu

English Polish
web application, mobile application, PHP, HTML5, Java, .NET, Frontend, Javascript, Angular.JS, Symphony2,
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