Alexander Baron Von Engelhardt
Foreigners Lawyer
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Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 27, 10178 Berlin, Germany
27 Karl-Liebknecht-Straße Berlin Berlin 10178 DE

Alexander Baron von Engelhardt

Foreigners Lawyer

As a German/American lawyer for the foreigner in Germany, I consult in the scope of immigration, companies and taxes.

Having first hand experience, as an immigrated American, I have the authentic feeling when things tend to go wrong just because there is a misunderstanding or when someone wants to take advantage of you not being from Germany

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Alexander Baron Von Engelhardt 5 years ago
Foreigners Lawyer 5 years ago
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Lazy, dishonest

One of the more frustrating lawyers I have dealt with. Does not read your emails (scans thru them and misses important info that you have to keep repeating). Considers himself funny,  makes jokes of things that are not meant to be funny. I had emailed him with a very specific question about German Citizenship and the ever-changing borders of Europe. He said if I paid him his research fee he would look into it, I paid him, he sent me some form that had nothing to do with what I asked, when I asked again he said I sounded like a broken record and that he won’t research borders and citizenship from 1918, that I had to show him passports or German IDs to begin, which is directly against what I asked to begin with. He not only refused to give me my money back but told me to go ahead and try and fight it, that he hasn’t lost a PayPal dispute once, which means Im not the first he has scammed.

A complete shyster, save your time and money and find someone who won’t rip you off and make jokes about it.

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a vile man

a vile man stay away a scamer without  remorse

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