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C/ Llatzeret nº 9, 08005 Barcelona, Spain
9 Carrer del Llatzeret Barcelona Catalunya 08005 ES
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Kinder Barcelona

Helena M.

The Kinder Project aims to provide a quality educational process for young children and their families.
All of us that participate in Kinder are involved in an ongoing learning process. Kinder is a living project. Which builds daily the quality in personalized and comprehensive education, immersion in different languages, and a close link with families and day to day practice of ecological principles.
Kinder is a social project run by the Multilingual Education Association, a non-profit entity. The funding is based solely on the contributions of families and of the Association.
Why “Kinder”? This is an abbreviation (common in Latin America) of “Kindergarten” (garden of small kids). Friedrich Froebel (1782-1852) was the first to name the group of kids he was in charge of and since then it is commonly used. Froebel has, in this way created an institutional framework with a specific pedagogy for the pre-primary school age groups. The Kindergarten model became the early childhood institution, implemented in a number of countries for over 200 years.

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