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Sven-Hedin-Straße 70, 14163, Berlin, Germany
70 Sven-Hedin-Straße Berlin Berlin 14163 DE

CMC Group

Karin H.

Wherever your clients and markets are, we’ll help you to identify them!
We are an independent cross-border service- and business consulting group headquartered in Berlin (Germany).

CMC Group is specialized of strategic growth management.

Our approach is proven practically and offers above-average growth and earnings enhancement.

We are focused on supporting small and medium-sized companies in almost all industries. CMC Group operates predominantly for clients from the United States and Europe (mainly in Germany).

We are supported by excellent partners, experts as well as by a strong network.We will support you regarding the planning of your activities, the preparation of detailed bases for decision as well as during the whole period of the realization.

If you think about current projects in the following areas (selection):

Identification of new markets, target groups or business ideas / opportunities

Development of marketing activities (national / international)

Business Analytics (market analysis, target group analysis, others) as basis for management decisions

Growth strategies (customer acquisition, optimization of existing customers activities, others)

Smart Data / CDA (customized data analytics) projects

CMC Group is the perfect and right partner at your side.

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