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Schönhauser Allee 66, 10437, Berlin, Germany
66 Schönhauser Allee Berlin Berlin 10437 DE

Empower3 GmbH

Marife S.

The concept of EMPOWER3 uniquely combines all aspects of physical well-being with 3 dimensions. “Empower your Body, Mind and Energy” is a holistic approach to health, strength and mindfulness. EMPOWER3 combines functional training, yoga and nutrition advice in a unique way to ensure you get results and reach your health and fitness goals.
While the focus is primarily on physical aspects in functional training, your concentration and your body awareness are trained in yoga. Concentration and the ability to focus on the exercises that will ensure optimal execution and thus increase the effectiveness of your workout several times.

A healthy and balanced diet will improve your physical fitness and strengthens your immune system. Therefore we provide individual nutrition counselling as well to your EMPOWER3 program, as the athletic component. The continuous review and adjust your diet plan helps you to achieve your healthy lifestyle.

We offer Group Personal Training classes where our classes are maximum 5 people to ensure we provide optimal guidance. Our Individual Personal Training is catered to the individual’s needs where we customize your program based on your Functional Movement Screen.

We look forward to seeing you at our studio to start your journey to FINALLY reach your health and fitness goals.

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