Askanischer Platz 4, 10963 Berlin, Germany

eBuero AG


eBuero AG is the market leader for telephone and secretarial services in Germany. Our services are aimed exclusively at commercial customers, in particular, self-employed, small and medium enterprises. The core product of ebuero AG is the telephone service. Enabled by using simple forwarding, our secretaries go on behalf of our customers on the phone, make appointments, send information material and take a memo on that lead them into the port on the phone call immediately by e-mail or SMS to the customer. We also offer at 11 locations nationwide prestigious business address, conference and meeting rooms as well as offices on time.

Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 27, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Society3 Grp Inc.

Axel S.

Raising money and thereafter getting traction are the two biggest challenges for startup entrepreners. Being a five times serial entrepreneur myself, we created a program helping startups to get traction with Buzz campaigns around the globe.

Our focus:

  • Buzz Technology
  • Added market exposure
  • Mentorship
  • Angel investment

S3 Buzz marketing for startups from Society3 Group

Special Offer: Helping startups get traction

Rather than paying $30,000+ for one of our buzz marketing campaigns we help startups get as many campaigns as they can for $1,000 per year. We essentially give it away for free  – just want to make sure the startup has at least some skin in the game.
  • You get an unrestricted Buzz account
  • You get our “get traction” mentorship
  • We help you get going
  • If you are successful and raise more money – we consider investing
Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 27, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Mobilcom Debitel

Mobilcom Debitel is a leading provider in digital lifestyle. Under Mobilcom Debitel, we have enhanced our latest classic telecommunications portfolio through smart home products, such as enhanced energy savings and security packages.

SmartHome Recommendation:

The new wireless smart home security package has video monitoring, alarm, and many other add-on products that provides our customers with all-round security for your own four walls.

Special Deals

The leaves are falling and the prices at Mobilcom Debitel too! Explore the best deals they have only for October.  Click the Image bellow!
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Friedrichstraße 50-55, 10117 Berlin, Germany


Cyberport is an innovative service and fast-growing trading company for computers, consumer electronics, telecommunications, cameras, and household appliances. 

We offer customers a fascinating shopping experience. It is easy, secure and interactive! This is an essential success factor for the company’s strong customer orientation, which is expressed in our high product quality and excellent value for money. 

Schützenstraße 6, 10117 Berlin, Germany


The Friendsurance rates offer the best value for money on the market – including the following highlights:

  • Protection in robbery / burglary and petty theft
  • No charge in case of damage, not even in case of theft
  • 100% replacement value reimbursement for the first 2 years for new devices
  • Lockable for up to 24 months after the purchase of equipment
  • Worldwide protection

The Berlin company Friendsurance is a mediator of different insurance companies. In addition to household items, personal liability and legal expenses insurance, it has mainly specialized in the insurance of mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices and offers a strong package of services at competitive prices. Friendsurance is very attractive to a deductible in case of damage and daily right of termination due to the complete renunciation.

Wrocław, Duńska 9

Dynamic, young team of programmers from Wrocław, Poland. This sentence describes us best. We love developing startup companies. Our speciality is creating web and mobile solutions on demand.

If you’ve got the Startup project to do, we are the right people who will make it happen. If you’re VC company/Investor we will make your Startup MVP and guarantee to develop the future version of it.

We’ve got:

  1. Almost 100 men strong web and mobile devs team divided into two companies
  2. Marketing agencies with an international experience working with us
  3. Start-up projects to develop and we’re helping to find VC support for them.

Just sent the email on dobroslaw.duszynski@look4app.eu

Charlottenstraße 2, 10969 Berlin, Germany


Daniel W.

 We are a digital creative agency specializing in quality websites, digital craftsmanship and user experience design.


Elgendorfer Straße 57, 56410 Montabaur, Germany


Proud to be the Best in the World

Choosing a reliable web host is important and 1&1 Internet Inc., a leader amongst global Web hosting providers, makes this decision a simple one. Our global community is over 13.64 million customer contracts strong. We are a financially stable and profitable web host that continues to grow.

Proven Products, Affordable Prices

From convenient domain packages and feature-rich web hosting plans to virtual private servers and powerful dedicated servers, 1&1 offers a complete range of web services for every need, skill level, and budget. With newer products like MyWebsite, small- and medium-sized businesses can design and execute a professional website without any experience in web development. All 1&1 products have been designed to provide the ideal combination of features and affordability, with no pricing gimmicks or hidden costs. You simply won’t find a better value for your money!

Special Offer!

Euro- and World-Plan:

– Unlimited Talks

– Valid to 25 respectively 60 Countries

– From 4,99€ per Month

Alte Potsdamer Straße 7, 10785 Berlin

Vodaphone Business

Marcus Kuttner

Premium Store

* I’m your special contact person for all questions of your private & business communication and can offer you special business-solutions!

* Mobile-rates

* Data-rates

* Hardware

* Equipement & accessory

* Berlins best VODAFONE Premium Store

* Special Blackberry-Service

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