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Based on the international studies on happiness we extracted the most important keys to happiness which are represented by the Keyando cards like e.g. commitment, creativity, faith, family, friendship, love, winning and many more. We all have our own things that contribute to our well-being: a unique set of “keys to happiness”. The reasons for this are simple. We all grow up in different families and environments, within diverse societies, cultures and historical backgrounds. Our unique experiences make us who we are; the situations and dramas we live through are never the same.

Playing Keyando is fun and allows us to find out more about our keys to happiness and what is important to others. It is true both in the game and in real life — if we know our “cards” and how to play them skillfully, we will “win”.

The name KEYANDO consists of the words “key and do”. One meaning of the Japanese word “do” is “way,” as for example in Judo—“the flexible way”. Following this, Keyando is “The Way of Keys.”


With its simple rules – bullet proofed in more than 300 thrilling test games – Keyando lets us talk about fun and serious things in an entertaining way. The game easily takes on the flavors of our own character, playfulness, and thoughts. At the beginning all players get 5 cards and whoever plays all his cards first wins. The game gets more and more intense with each card you play because the fewer cards you have the more the co-players will probably try to work against you. Angel and vampire cards are jokers which may represent whatever you think of but they may also disrupt any game situation when things get to weird (Yes, that happens sometimes). You can play the cards by telling stories, challenging other players by asking them what ever you want or simply play strictely strategic without revealing too much about you. Whoever refuses a challenge or tells a stories which is not accepted by the majority of the players gets an extra card from the stack. The complete rules will be published when we start a Kickstarter.com.


We will launch a project on kickstarter.com for Keyando on 28th October 2015. There will be different packages on Kickstarter with which you can support or get The Keyando Game Box which ships anywhere in the world. We want to put this project on Kickstarter because it’s the fastest way for us to get the game into your hands and make improvements as a community. We think this game is great, but we need your help making it even better. HELP US BUILD THIS GAME!
You want to know when we start on Kickstarter.com? We can send you an email via http://www.keyando.com/

Wrocław, Duńska 9

Dynamic, young team of programmers from Wrocław, Poland. This sentence describes us best. We love developing startup companies. Our speciality is creating web and mobile solutions on demand.

If you’ve got the Startup project to do, we are the right people who will make it happen. If you’re VC company/Investor we will make your Startup MVP and guarantee to develop the future version of it.

We’ve got:

  1. Almost 100 men strong web and mobile devs team divided into two companies
  2. Marketing agencies with an international experience working with us
  3. Start-up projects to develop and we’re helping to find VC support for them.

Just sent the email on dobroslaw.duszynski@look4app.eu

Chorinerstr. 34 10435 Berlin

Debitoor is online accounting and invoicing software designed for small business and freelancers. We believe that small business owners are heroes. They are the fabric of our economy and have to overcome many hurdles to successfully run their businesses. One of the main obstacles is understanding and managing their accounting. This is why we aim to help these small businesses thrive by offering a smart software solution for accounting and invoicing.

With Debitoor you can

  • create invoices, quotes and delivery notes
  • get paid faster
  • manage your expenses and automatically reconcile your bank account
  • collaborate with your accountant

Because Debitoor is used in over 30 countries, the application language can be set to English, German, Spanish, Italian, or French in all countries.

Markgrafenstraße 33, 10117 Berlin, Germany


Joachim H.

Multi-lingual Commercial Law Advice

At global law firm Dentons, we provide full service advice for commercial clients from start-up to blue chip companies as well as venture capitalists.

I am specializing in corporate and real estate law and am supported by a unique team of specialists in all other relevant areas of commercial law (including IP. labour and competition law) in Germany and worldwide.

So if you are an international entrepreneur, I am happy to meet you.

Special Offer: Free consultation

Up to 1 hour of personal meeting at our office to identify your legal needs and our potential solutions.
Lorenz Adlon Wine Store
10178 Berlin, Germany

Lorenz Adlon Wine Store

Anette F.

The Lorenz Adlon Wine Shop is an exclusive address for wine epicures and connoisseurs in Berlin’s Mitte district, that has a very special history: Lorenz Adlon, founder of the legendary Hotel Adlon, opened the Lorenz Adlon Wine Shop in 1907 at the same place. With a selection of over one million bottles it was the largest and most important wine shop in the world and was, therefore, the imperial and royal purveyor.

The Lorenz Adlon Wine Shop is continuing these traditions and offers not only a fine selection of wines, but above all an exceptional service. The wine shop is dedicated to wines from “old Europe” – primarily from Germany, Italy and France. Besides the diversity of more than half a million bottles, the exclusiveness and especially the bottle sizes are notable: Customers will find one of the biggest selections of half bottles (0.375 litres).

Another characteristic of the Lorenz Adlon Wine Shop are the rarities. Due to many years of successful partnerships, the Lorenz Adlon Wine Shop could include rarities and entire collections in its portfolio.


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