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Tax Return in English – or another Language of Your Choice

Taxpayers in Germany who file their tax returns can get a tax refund of more than 1.100€. So it is worth filing a tax return for almost every employee. But no desire to deal with burdensome paperwork? Or feeling at a loss while doing your tax return in the German language?

SteuerGo makes  filing taxes in Germany easy and worthwhile for all expats. You do not need to be a German speaker or a tax expert for filling in your tax return. With SteuerGo, you can do it in English, Croatian, Polish or Russian and purely online. The user-friendly program helps and guides you through every step of your tax declaration. Test for free all features of SteuerGo such as

  • transfer of data from the previous year from the tax office
  • simple questions about your tax case
  • easy data entry
  • verification of entered data
  • customized tax-saving tips for a higher tax refund
  • live tax refund calculation
  • highest data security
  • accessibility on all your devices and soon available as an app

Advantages of SteuerGo

You pay once only for submission of your tax return. Moreover, you can also submit one more tax return for the same tax year, for example, with a friend or colleague.

After the payment, your tax return is securely transmitted to your relevant tax office. SteuerGo will also provide you with a list of tax documents that might be required by a tax officer from you for recognizing your expenses. When the tax return is processed in the tax office, you will be issued an electronic tax assessment notice (Steuerbescheid) which will be carefully checked by SteuerGo for errors. In case of filing an objection against the received tax assessment notice, tips and letter templates are also available in the program.

If you are still perplexed by the filling in or submission process and not sure how the program works, Customer Support of SteuerGo is ready to assist you with all questions concerning the use of the program. You’ll never walk alone.

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