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You are new in town?

Typical situation for newcomers. Where can a get good services for my needs???

Welcome to GLOBALS and to their Solutioners!!!

In cases of insurances, we will help to find the best solution…

International Insurance Services

Maximiliano is an independent financial and insurance broker agency consulting services and support for international customers such as expatriates, diplomats, members of staff of international organizations (i.e. NATO, EU).

Since 1996 we provide integral and customer oriented financial and insurances strategies and concepts which are individually adapted to your personal circumstances.

Due to our philosoph “your confidence is our success” we try to find the best possible solution for your personal life situation.

How to find the best insurance for you and your family?

To find good value for your money, cost-effectiveness is the central idea that makes us searching for the best products within the financial services sector.

We are able to advise you without any obligations in English, German, Spanish, French and Dutch

Dorgathen Solutions provide a wide range of products:

  • Personal insurances
  • Insurance of objects
  • Health insurances
  • Life insurances
  • Legal cost insurances
  • Investment Products (i.e. investment funds)
  • Mortgages/loans

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