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DriveNow is the flexible Carsharing solution in Berlin, Munich, Cologne and Duesseldorf!

3 good reasons to take part:

Easier than having your own car – use a DriveNow car when you need to get from A to B

Cheaper than a Taxi – you pay for the time you’re using the car

One of the most comfortable ways of transport – don’t waive your personal mobility

How it work’s:
1. FIND A CAR – using your iPhone, smartphone or online
2. DRIVE – starting from 24 cents per minute
3. FREE GAS – gas costs are already included
4. FREE PARKING – Park your car for free anywhere

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General Information about DriveNow Car Sharing in Berlin

The business area covers 120 square kilometers of Berlin’s inner city area and reaches from townhall Pankow in the north to the Henry Ford Building of the Freie Universität Berlin in the south. Lichtenberg train station is the most eastern area and in the west the business area ends around Westendallee. Parking is free of charge within the business area and DriveNow carsharing vehicles can be parked anywhere. DriveNow members can park their DriveNow cars anywhere inside this area for free. There is no need to buy a parking ticket as DriveNow parking fees are settled directly with the city of Berlin.

Driving outside the business area and making quick stops

Find a car, get in, leave it somewhere else. With DriveNow you can pick the nearest car you find and drive it anywhere you please, both within and outside the area of operation. If you want to make a quick stop, do so for a low StayNow rate of only 10 cents a minute.

Parking in the business area in Berlin

Each DriveNow car is equipped with a cell-phone parking sticker on the windshield. With this sticker, you can park in any spot, meter or not, without having to pay a cent. The only exceptions are parking spots in Resident Only areas with time limits; in that case, simply use the clock disk in the car. Parking in handicapped spots, taxi areas, no-stopping zones, or other illegal parking zones is, of course, also not allowed.

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