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Zossener Straße 55-58 Aufgang D, 4.OG 10961 Berlin Deutschland

Sharing is caring, so we made carsharing easier – Find all your favorite carsharing providers in one place.

Book a vehicle for a Flextrip – Pick up and drop off anywhere within the provider’s business area. Excellent for A to B trips.

Book a vehicle for a Roundtrip – Not looking for a vehicle right away? Book cars for future roundtrips.

Taunusstraße 21, 60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Click & Cruise

E-hoi – click and cruise is THE German online specialist for the sale of ocean and river cruises.

The Frankfurt-based travel company offers a global range of cruises on various ships. Crusaders find e-hoi extensive information on all trips, all offers such as Last minute prices and particularly favorable cancellation cabins. Detailed information on the individual ships, destinations, ports and shore excursions are also available of the cruise agent.

Sachsendamm 7, 10829 Berlin, Germany


What is Citeecar?

Citeecar is the new car sharing provider in Germany. Our model is the classic car sharing. We offer our customers one of the best car sharing offers as well as very simple pricing model. For this we have been recognized by Focus Money “Best Car-Sharing” in Germany.

We are currently active in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt, other cities in Germany and Europe will follow in the next few months.


Who is behind Citeecar?

The young car-sharing start-up was founded in early 2012 and is funded by the people who have Skype support from the beginning. From Luxembourg and Berlin, it is directed by old-timers from the car rental and cheap travel industry, which now use their accumulated wealth of experience specifically in order to realize this new, uncomplicated and friendly car sharing concept.


Citeecar is expanding!

In November 2012, we launched in Berlin, in April 2013 in Hamburg, in July 2013 and in Munich in October 2013 in Frankfurt am Main and 5 other cities in Germany are in the pipeline.

Each launch is supported by extensive advertising campaign accompanied (Radio, Out Of Home, Public Relations, Events and Online (display, SEA and more). These campaigns generate high advertising impact and attention to the brand Citeecar. These attention Leads (registrations) transform, we rely on you!

In addition, regular advertising and public relations in the already-launched cities, which calls the Citeecar brand among consumers always remembered.

Bla bla car
Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 27, 10178 Berlin, Germany


Christian S.

You need a ride to another German city that does not cost you the world? Search no more, BlaBlaCar is here for you: We connect drivers with empty seats with passengers looking for a ride. This peer-to-peer mobility network will guarantee you the lowest prices for inter city travel. As a driver, you will meet interesting people from all over Germany during your trip, often with totally different professions. If there is one way to travel and get to know people at the same time, it is BlaBlaCar!

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Hüngsberger Str. 11, 53578 Windhagen
simple-and-fun offers adventure holidays also travel-trips with complete packages including mountain-bike tours , trail-running, rafting, trekking , waterfall-climbing, mountaining and jungle treks and more...

Maxi says:"Much talking and writing is easy , but what causes a physical , an emotional experience ,  only words  usually can't create!"
Luitpoldstraße 9, 63739, Aschaffenburg, Germany

Longtime Experience & First-class Service – This is what we stand for at travelchannel.de. Last Minute, City-trips, Flights, Car Rental and Hotels are offered by us. Check out our daily special offers. Easy, comfortable and reasonable prices. Furthermore travelchannel.de guarantees transparence, safety and quality.


Uber Berlin
Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 27, 10178 Berlin, Germany


Julana C.

What is Uber

Uber is a free Smartphone (iPhone, Android) application, which gives everyone the possibility to order a comfortable and safe on-demand premium-limousine (S-Classes, A8, BMW 7-series, etc.). It takes seconds to request your first Uber and only a few minutes until your personal driver will pick you up!  Uber has been launched in Berlin in February but is already available in over 35 cities worldwide. We already have gotten several awards such as the “Most Innovative Mobile Application” given by the Forbes Magazine.

What do I have to to

Just signup under this link http://www.uber/go or download the App to your mobile device (iOS, Android). For other Smartphones you can use your mobile browser and go to m.uber.com. If you already have an account you can directly type in the Code (see below) in your app. Once you have created your account, you can use Uber in all cities where Uber is available.

Take your first ride

1. Just set your pickup location by confirming the location shown

2. Request an Uber. You will get a SMS when the driver arrives.

3. After the ride we will email you your receipt.

When you order an Uber you will get a picture of your driver as well as his name, his car type and plate. You can also contact your driver directly by hitting the small phone in the bottom right corner.

Need any help with the signup or ordering your first Uber? Let me know!

Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 27, 10178 Berlin, Germany

Freelance Psychologist Bertine D.


Are you looking for some support, either for yourself, your relationship or your family?

As a psychologist, I am specialised in working particularly with the expat community in Berlin and people who are in intercultural relationships.

Both face to face and Skype sessions are available.

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Berlin, Germany


Gabriele G.

DriveNow is the flexible Carsharing solution in Berlin, Munich, Cologne and Duesseldorf!

3 good reasons to take part:

Easier than having your own car – use a DriveNow car when you need to get from A to B

Cheaper than a Taxi – you pay for the time you’re using the car

One of the most comfortable ways of transport – don’t waive your personal mobility

How it work’s:
1. FIND A CAR – using your iPhone, smartphone or online
2. DRIVE – starting from 24 cents per minute
3. FREE GAS – gas costs are already included
4. FREE PARKING – Park your car for free anywhere

Subscribe to DriveNow and register now!

General Information about DriveNow Car Sharing in Berlin

The business area covers 120 square kilometers of Berlin’s inner city area and reaches from townhall Pankow in the north to the Henry Ford Building of the Freie Universität Berlin in the south. Lichtenberg train station is the most eastern area and in the west the business area ends around Westendallee. Parking is free of charge within the business area and DriveNow carsharing vehicles can be parked anywhere. DriveNow members can park their DriveNow cars anywhere inside this area for free. There is no need to buy a parking ticket as DriveNow parking fees are settled directly with the city of Berlin.

Driving outside the business area and making quick stops

Find a car, get in, leave it somewhere else. With DriveNow you can pick the nearest car you find and drive it anywhere you please, both within and outside the area of operation. If you want to make a quick stop, do so for a low StayNow rate of only 10 cents a minute.

Parking in the business area in Berlin

Each DriveNow car is equipped with a cell-phone parking sticker on the windshield. With this sticker, you can park in any spot, meter or not, without having to pay a cent. The only exceptions are parking spots in Resident Only areas with time limits; in that case, simply use the clock disk in the car. Parking in handicapped spots, taxi areas, no-stopping zones, or other illegal parking zones is, of course, also not allowed.

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