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Why Wait? Learn Now and No Other Way with LTC!

LTC Now “Learning, Training and Coaching – No Other Way” is a communications, language and coaching company centrally based in Berlin. In today’s interconnected global economy, being able to communicate in a foreign language and cope in diverse cultural environments is key for private and business possibilities. Our is slogan is “When you speak English, you can communicate globally. “ At LTC Now, our core focus is to provide our clients with the necessary level of language, communications and life skills.

LTC Learning Now – offers real-life, affordable, and tailor-made language classes (core classes are in English/German). Our language courses range from 3-6 participants (beginners to advanced levels) from Monday-Friday, weekends, or intense short-term immersion as 1:1 or as couples coaching. We offer flexible lessons both in-house and externally that are geared for clients from all business sectors, age levels and cultural backgrounds. Due to our client’s busy schedules, we provide flexible “On-the-Go” training during breakfast, lunch, dinner, holidays and business meetings. For working clients we are qualified to offer “Sponsored Continuing Education- Bildungsurlaub.” Additionally we are a certified Cambridge Language Preparation Centre and can offer any type of formal exam preparation for adults and teens.

LTC Training Now provides a wide variety of training courses specifically designed for Business Executives and Employees and tailor make the courses according to the working industry. For Adults, Senior Citizens and Teenagers alike we focus on intense conversation ensuring that all are fit for the real world, their travels, study abroad and/or required school exams. We also provide specialized workshops on Intercultural Management and Soft Skills Communications Training for working professionals and companies.

LTC Coaching Now services include working with certified counsellors and referring you to the right experts that can offer you Corporate Coaching, Life Coaching for Families, and Relocation Assistance for Expats moving to Germany. We also can serve as Personal Managers assisting executives and their families during their daily business, holidays, or special occasions by offering personalized language coaching.

Guarantee Offer: Just after 5 Lessons or Sessions see progress or get your money back!

Special Offer: Get Fit in English & German

It is never too late to learn a second language or to improve your English and German speaking skills. Take advantage to sharpen your communication and language skills and get fit for the workplace and/or travels abroad. Take advantage of our 2015 special campaign “Keep Calm and Learn English”:15% voucher off any group course or 1:1 “Emergency English” package at our LTC school or at your business location.

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Take advantage of our 2015 special campaign: 15% voucher off any group course or 1:1 packet
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